Program Information

    media The Media Program at Westside High School is a three year program that Magnet students begin in the sophomore year after completing Professional Communications and Principles of Audio-Visual Arts and Communication as freshmen.  In the Media Program, students are exposed to journalism, broadcast journalism, and audio/video production. Upon the completion of these courses students have a broad overview of the field of media as well as specific knowledge and skills related to working cameras, studio lights, the teleprompter, graphic generators, and audio controls. Students also learn about the on-air aspects of media as well.  Students will be able to shoot and edit video footage and add sounds and graphics to music videos, documentaries, commercials and more.  These classes are project based and students will also be able to participate in the daily morning video announcements.

    Enrichment opportunities in this strand focus on fieldtrips, guest speakers, and competitions.  In the past, Westside has been honored to host a computer animation and design artist, the Director of Production and Entertainment of the Houston Texans, as well as reporters from Channel 26 and Channel 13 as career guest speakers.  Students have been able to work in the control room and on camera at the Toyota Center for the Houston Rockets and the Houston Aeros as well as tour the Edwards Cinema and the PBS Studio. Westside students traditionally place well in UIL journalism competition as well as other non-HISD competitions.  Last year, students placed first and second in a competition sponsored by the City of Houston and the Houston Police Department by creating public service announcements (PSA) about the dangers of drunk driving.

    Below is a sample 4 year plan for a student in the Media Strand.  The level of each course is dependent on the student’s individual skill level.  College Preparatory, Pre-Advanced Placement/Advanced Placement, and Gifted and Talented Pre-Advanced Placement/Advanced Placement are available.  The courses shaded in grey are the Magnet courses for this strand.

     Graphic Design Program Information

    Westside High School has a state of the art Mac Lab and print shop on-campus that is used in the Graphic Design program.  Students in this program become experts in Photoshop and learn how to use these skills to produce professional business documents.  In the final year of the course, students work on actual projects for organizations on campus, other schools within HISD and various non-profit organizations around town.  Students in this strand have the opportunity to earn an industry certification and participate in UIL for Computer Applications.



    9th GRADE

    10th GRADE

    11th GRADE

    12th GRADE



    AP Language

    AP Literature


    Geometry/ Algebra II

    Alga. II/Pre-Calculus


    World Geography

    World History

    U S History





     AP Science/Elective Science

    Foreign Language

    Foreign Language

    Foreign Language







    Fine Art




    Professional Communications*/ Principles of AATC


    Audio/Video Production

    Broadcast Journalism or Chronicle Internship(3 class periods) or Advanced Audio/Video Production (2 class periods)

    Professional Communication*/ Principles of AATC

    Digital and Interactive Media

    Print & Imaging Technology

    Advanced Print & Imaging Technology (2 class periods)

    *Counts as speech credit

    Required electives are dependent upon the year the student started high school.  To see the graduation requirements, please click here.

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