Lawrence Spence        Department: Career & Technology Education--CTE           

    Lab/Classrooms:  V101, School-Yard Garden & Wolf Prairie Restoration Project

    Courses Offered: Urban Agriculture (Junior/Senior)                                                                           Principles of Agriculture & Natural Resources (Freshman/Sophomore)

                     Environmental Systems (Sophomores to Seniors)

                the visual likeness of LWS                  

    Email:   Lspence@houstonisd.org                   Phone: 281-920-8000 ext. 036365        

     Urban Agriculture periods 2 & 6 see link below
     Principles of Agriculture and Natural Resources periods 4 & 5 see link below
    Environmental Systems periods 1 & 7 see link below
    Links to HUB Courses to view Calendar, Planner and Access Lesson Resources

     Urban Agriculture  

     Link to Course in the HUB

     Principles of Agriculture and Natural Resources

    Link to Course in the HUB

    Environmental Systems

    Link to Course in HUB

    Tutorials:  Tuesdays and Thursdays during first half of lunch, or by appointment as available.  Send request in Teams Chat or in email to lspence@houstonisd.org 

     Parent Conferences: Monday, Tuesday, Friday from 9:46 AM to 10:37 AM and Wednesdays from 8:50 AM to 10:22 AM.  Other times of day can be an option depending upon my availability.  Send email to lspence@houstonisd.org to coordinate.