Coach Mister Lawrence Spence       

    Department: Career & Technology Education--CTE and Science       

    Lab/Classrooms:  V101, School-Yard Garden & Wolf Prairie Restoration Project

    Courses Offerings:       Urban Agriculture for Juniors and Seniors                                                                          Environmental Systems for Sophomores to Seniors 

                                          Projects in Urban Agriculture and Habitat Management 

                the visual likeness of LWS                  

    Email:   Lspence@houstonisd.org                   Phone: 281-920-8000 ext. 036365        

     Urban Agriculture periods 2 and 4  link to syllabus
     Project-based Learning in Urban Agriculture and Habitat Management period 7  link to syllabus
    Environmental Systems periods 2 & 4   link to syllabus
    Links to Courses Calendar

     Urban Agriculture  

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     Project-Based Learning in Agriculture and Ecology

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    Environmental Systems

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    link to lesson plans


    Tutorials:  Monday 3:30-4:00 PM and Thursdays during first half of lunch, or by appointment as available.  Send request in Teams Chat or in email to lspence@houstonisd.org 

     Parent Conferences: Monday, Tuesday, Friday from 1:38 PM to 2:20 PM and Thursdays from 1:53 PM to 3:25 PM.  Other times of day can be an option depending upon my availability.  Send email to lspence@houstonisd.org to coordinate.