Elizabeth Cerri Morgan (ecerrimo@houstonisd.org) Room N116

    Please find the syllabi for the course here:

    Condensed syllabus

    Full syllabus

    Please refer to the cycle calendars:

    Cycle 1 Calendar

    Cycle 2 Calendar

    Please access the weekly lesson plans here:

    Cycle 1 Lesson Plans

    Cycle 2 Lesson Plans

    Tutorial Times:

    Tuesday: 3:25-4

    Thursday: Lunch 

    Most Saturdays (I'll confirm each week)

    Retake Policy:

     Per campus policy, students are allowed to revise/retake major assignments which scored below a 70 %.

    Any retake/revision will be capped at an increased score of 70%.


    AP Classroom codes:


    5th- GPWM3N