Westside High School Vision/Mission Statement



    Westside’s articulated mission and vision is merged together into one piece to ensure that all staff members clearly understand and embrace the true focus of our work. Our overarching vision is Seeing the Potential of all Students Realized. Personalization has been a distinguishing factor of our campus culture since our doors opened in 2000. Knowing Students Personally is the first pillar of our vision. Our dean system boasts an average student load of only 250 students allowing the dean-student relationship to build and strengthen from freshman year to graduation. Teachers and staff create environments that serve as a safe-haven for students by connecting to their stories and multicultural perspectives.




    Seeing the Potential of All Students Realized

    Westside is a place where students can test life paths with encouragement, support and truth…a place where students and staff are known as individuals and valued for their unique ability to contribute to their own selves and the common good.  We honor great thinking, doing, writing, creating, serving and caring.


    Knowing Students Personally

    Westside teachers and staff provide a safe-haven for students, connecting with their stories and responding to the unique needs and perspectives of our multicultural community.


    Individualized Coaching and Direction

    Collectively and individually, we stretch students past their own perceived potential by removing the ceiling and raising the floor in ways that unlock new potential for students.  As Wolves, we are about tough academic thinking and developing grit among our student body.


    Developing and Exemplifying Grit

    Our own grit is reflected in the way we hold ourselves and others accountable to being the best.  We understand the strength of the wolf is the pack.