• Attendance Appeal

    (formerly known as Credit Appeal)

     The Texas Education Code (25.092) sets a minimum attendance requirement of 90 percent of class meetings for the award of course credit.  Students who lose credit due to excessive absences may appeal if the student achieves an average of 70 or above at the end of the semester in which the no-credit (NG) status appears.  If the student has missed 25% or more of class time, he/she must appear before the Attendance Committee to explain his/her extenuating circumstance.  The Attendance Committee reserves the right to approve or deny the credit(s).  To restore lost credits due to absences, students will complete quizzes through APEX.


    Instructions to begin Attendance Appeal Process

    1. Email Cheryl Williams at cbyrd@houstonisd.org
    2. Williams will send the student a contract, report card and instructions on how to access APEX and how to print out the Score Report. Through APEX, the student will complete 1 quiz for each absence in each class.
    3. Once the student has completed the quizzes for each class, the student will email his/her Score Report to Ms. Williams.
    4. Williams will review the student’s Score Report to grant the credit(s), then send the approval to the registrar to have the credit(s) restored.