All Westside High School athletes must complete a packet in order to participate in competitive sports. Packets are available from our coaches or may be downloaded here:


    FORMS  (All Seven Completed Forms Are Required)

    All athletes must be insured to participate in any athletic activity!  HISD offers Student Accident/Athletic Insurance at a reduced cost of $35.00 per athlete, per school year.  You must make one of three choices with regard to student insurance:

    1. You have insurance and waive HISD insurance; complete your insurance information and check “HISD Waiver” box on the Medial Information Form.  You must turn in a copy of your insurance card and fill out a waiver and return it to your coach;  
    2. You have insurance and want HISD insurance to act as secondary coverage; pay $35, complete your insurance information and check the “School Insurance” box; or
    3. You do not have insurance; pay $35 and check the “School Insurance” box.

    If you are purchasing HISD insurance, please include cash or money order (payable to HISD) with your packet forms.

    * If you elect to waive HISD insurance, please ask your head coach for a waiver form.  This is required by HISD and must be notarized.
    Although wins and losses are typical indicators of success, they should never be the cornerstones of the program.  Our athletic program vision focuses on developing the well-rounded athlete. We emphasize the value of the experience, involvement, sportsmanship, community service, and educational process. Our program develops student character while striving to offer an opportunity for every student athlete to participate in some form or fashion. 

    Athletics is a privilege and not a right.  Our student athletes will be held to higher standards and will be held accountable for meeting or exceeding them; it's not just about talent and performance. As we push our athletes to develop character in addition to physical skills, the wins and losses will take care of themselves! “BLEED BLUE!”



    Westside offers a wide variety of athletic programs for both boys and girls.  Please visit their individual web pages for information and schedules.  This is a list of District offered sports.


    Additional information on HISD athletics, including stadium locations, can be found on their website at https://www.houstonisd.org/Page/68530.