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    Department: Performance Arts

    Room:  M116

    Email: ggonza29@houstonisd.org

    Phone: 281-920-8000 ext. 036270

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    Lesson Plans: 


    Mr. Gonzalez, Instructor
    Fall 2017/Spring 2018


    Course Description: 

    This course will be introducing and developing the student in musicianship, theory, musical materials, and procedures. The course will focus on a wide range of topics, including, but not limited to, melody, harmony, texture, rhythm, form, musical analysis, elementary composition, and, to some extent, history and style. Musicianship skills such as dictation and other listening skills, sight-singing, and keyboard harmony are considered an important part of the theory course, and will be developed over the course of the school year.  The student’s ability to read and write musical notation is fundamental and required in order for this success in this course.  The pace of this course is largely dependent upon the comprehension of topics by the class as a whole.  Modeled after an introductory music theory course at the collegiate level, this class can and will require daily note-taking and neat handwriting skills. Students are expected to take the AP Music Theory Exam in May with the goal of earning a score of 3 to 5, which may yield credit towards music theory, or other music/humanities, college courses.

    Grade Breakdown: 
    70% major grades: tests, projects, reports 
    30% minor grades: quizzes – written or aural, analysis, vocabulary, daily grades: note taking/participation, daily work, dictations and analysis 

    Six Weeks Schedule for 2017-18:

    17-18 HISD Calendar

    First 6-weeks

    Week 1

    ·        Pre-Test for continuation in course: REQUIRED

    ·        Treble, Bass, Alto, Tenor Clefs

    ·        Notation

    ·        Note Drill in 4 Clefs

    Week 2

    ·        Ledger Lines

    ·        Rhythm Drill

    ·        Simple Intervals

    ·        Intro to Ear Training


    Week 3

    ·        Intro to Keyboard

    ·        Half & Whole Steps

    ·        Major Scales

    ·        Scale & Key Signature Drill in ALL CLEFS      

    Week 4

    ·        Intro to Sight Singing

    ·        Ear-Training

    ·        Steps & Skips in Major Keys

    ·        Intro to Rhythmic & Melodic Dictation


    Week 5

    ·        Note Drill in 4 Clefs

    ·        Rhythm Drill

    ·        Conducting Patters

    ·        Simple/Compound Meter


    Week 6

    ·        Melodic & Harmonic Intervals

    ·        Ear-Training

     Second 6-weeks

    Week 7

    ·        Drills in All Clefs

    ·        Half & Whole Steps

    ·        Major & Minor Chords

    Week 8

    ·        All Major Scales & Key Signatures

    ·        Circle of Fifths

    Week 9

    ·        Primary Chords

    ·        Ear-Training (Diatonic Chords in Major Keys)

    Week 10

    ·        Notation & Clef Review

    ·        Chromatic Signs & Enharmonics

    Week 11

    ·        Perfect & Major Intervals

    ·        Relative Major & Minor Keys

    Week 12

    ·        Minor Circle of Fifths

    ·        Natural, Harmonic, & Melodic Minor Scales

    Third 6-weeks

    Week 13

    ·        Major & Minor Thirds & Chords

    ·        Root Position, 1st & 2nd Inversion

    ·        Rhythm Drill: Simple, Compound, Irregular Meter

    Week 14

    ·        Transposition & Melody Writing

    ·        Clef Review

    ·        Ear-Training

    Week 15

    ·        Grand Staff Introduction

    ·        SATB Vocal Ranges

    ·        Open & Close Chord Voicings

    ·        Simple Part-Writing: Chord to Same Chord

    Week 16

    ·        Intro to Cadences: Authentic, Half, Perfect, Imperfect, Deceptive, Plagal

    Week 17

    ·        Intro to Analysis using Roman Numerals and Jazz Chords

    ·        Intro to Figured Bass

    Week 18

    ·        Writing a Bass Line

    ·        Harmonizing a melody

    Fourth 6-weeks

    Week 19

    ·        Perfect & Major Intervals & Inversions

    ·        Minor, Diminished, & Augmented Intervals

    Week 20

    ·        Major, Minor, Augmented, & Diminished Triads

    ·        Parallel Keys

    Week 21

    ·        Diatonic, Whole Tone, Chromatic, & Pentatonic Scales

    ·        Ear-Training

    Week 22

    ·        Rhythm Drill

    ·        Simple, Compound, & Irregular Meter

    Week 23

    ·        Cadences Review: Authentic & Half

    ·        Seventh Chords

    ·        V7 Chords

    Week 24

    ·        Four-Part Harmonic Analysis

    ·        Sight Singing

    Fifth 6-weeks


    Non-Dominant 7th Chords

    Leading Tones and Secondary Leading Tones

    Harmonizing a melody and part-writing

    AP Exam Review

    Aural Skills/Ear Training

     Sixth 6-weeks

    Take the AP Test - May 2017

    20th Century Music

    Aural Skills/Ear Training

    Take AP Music Theory Final Exam - May 2017

    ***Please note that depending of the strength of the class we may move at various speeds during any given six-weeks grading period. The pace taken will be a reflection of how well individual students can show achievement and mastery of the AP concepts.

    ***The following is a non-comprehensive list (as of 2017) of ‘local’ colleges/universities that accept AP Music Theory for credit, depending on the applicant’s score:





    Texas State