Société Honoraire de Français

  • La Société Honoraire de Français (The French Honor Society) offers several benefits to students taking French.  It provides an opportunity to take part in extracurricular activities related to French and other francophone cultures and leadership opportunities as officers.   Members will be considered for recognition for outstanding scholarship in the study of French.  Students who receive this recognition will have a special seal on their diploma and can wear a tri-colored cord during graduation to mark this honor.



    Students who have taken French or are in French class may join the French Honor Society.  To graduate with the Honor's cords from the French Honor Society, students must have taken at least 2 years of French.  Selection is determined in the 4th semester of French.  Students must have earned an average of at least an A- during their study of French including the semester of selection and B- average in all their classes prior to the semester of selection. 


    Sponsor: Yen Rabe yen.rabe@houstonisd.org

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