• CHAVEZ HS: Ms. Partida & Mr. Soria

    The Truancy &  Dropout Prevention Department provides school-wide leadership to help students stay in school, improve the HISD graduation rate, and support all aspects of school reform. Truancy & Dropout Prevention Case Workers assist school faculty and community members regularly to encourage dropouts to return to class and to prevent at-risk students from dropping out.
    For more information, please contact,
    Leticia Partida
    Truancy Number 832 - 819- 3060

    Texas Truancy and Attendance Laws

    It is each parent’s duty to require his or her school-aged children to attend school, monitor the students' attendance, and request a conference with school officials to discuss any attendance concerns. In HISD schools, a student must attend at least 90 percent of the days the course meets during the school year in order to receive credit for a course. If too many classes are missed, an "NG" is entered instead of a grade, and parents must contact the school to see what corrective steps must be taken.

    State law (Texas Education Code Section 25.085; PDF) provides that if a student is absent from school without parental consent for any portion of the school day for three days in a four-week period or for ten or more days in a six-month period, the student and/or the student’s parent or legal guardian are subject to civil prosecution by the truancy court. In the event the student fails to obey the order issued by the civil courts, the student may also be referred to a juvenile court, which will determine whether the students should be adjudicated delinquient and referred for supervision by the juvenile probation authorities.

    Principals may excuse absences for personal illness, death in the family, or other legitimate reasons. Teachers will give students an opportunity to make up work for all absences.

    For more information, please contact, Jesus Soria or Leticia Partida at 713 495-6950

    Call Mr. Soria or Ms. Partida for more info: 713.495.6950