• Dear Parents:

    Welcome to Red’s PTO sponsored After School Program. We provide childcare for children in grades Pre-K through 5. We are based in the cafeteria any day that school is in full day session. Our hours are from 3:15 to 6:15 p.m. A snack is provided and the children are supervised on the playground as well as in the cafeteria. Roll is taken upon arrival. Students must also be signed out at time of pick up. If someone other than you picks up your child, they will have to show I.D. If your child is absent or will not attend after school, please notify me by calling or dropping a note in the office. Assorted games, toys, and simple crafts are available. We encourage homework and have a separate room designated for that purpose.

    To enroll in the After School Care program, a registration form must be completed. Our tuition is $200.00 per month and there is a $10.00 registration fee. August will be pro-rated at $50 and January will be pro-rated to $150.  Tuition must be paid by the 10th of the month.  If it is not received by the 15th, you'll be notified and receive a $20 late fee.  If tuition is not paid by the 1st of the next month, your child will be removed from the program.  To help parents, this year we will be accepting credit card payments.  All credit card payments will have a $5 service fee.

    Drop-in care is also available at $25.00 a day paid daily at time of pick up. A registration form must also be completed along with a $10.00 registration fee. We have a limited number of Drop-in spots daily. You must call me to reserve your spot for the day.

    The tuition pays for staff salaries, snacks and supplies. Any profits from our program are used by the PTO to purchase those “extras” that help make Red a great school. We have a very active, energetic PTO with a special relationship between parents, teachers and school staff.

    In addition, after school enrichment classes are offered. Most of these classes last approximately 6 to 8 weeks and are charged tuition by semester. Brown’s Gymnastics charges per month and runs the entire school year. Schedules for enrichment classes are issued at the beginning of each semester. 

    I will be happy to answer questions or provide you with more information about the after-school program. I look forward to working with you and your children this school year.



    Bridget Fisher