“Every child is a masterpiece.  Every teacher is an artist who infuses

    expression and thought

    Mascot into each individual masterpiece - Janet D. Milita



    This quote represents my vision for T.H. Rogers Middle School. My goal is to create a learning environment for all teachers to be a master painter who uses of colors that are as diverse as the students that they teach and to provide a safe environment where all students are encouraged risk taking with their learning.  I believe every student is a unique original artwork waiting to be painted by T.H. Rogers’s talented teachers.  As painters, the teachers understand the importance use of colors to create a masterpiece. Therefore, T.H. Rogers’s teachers understand the significance of differentiating instructions because of the varied learning styles of the students. The goal at T.H. Rogers is to make sure all students receive the best academic education and social education before they leave T.H. Rogers as an original completed “masterpiece” by the end of their 8th grade year.


    However, my teachers and I know we are unable to accomplish the “masterpieces” without parents’ support. I believe with good communication; teachers, parents, and administrators can have great success painting the “masterpiece” together.


    Thank you on behalf of the T.H. Rogers family for entrusting your child education to us.


    Donald Lam

    Assistant Principal of Secondary School

    T.H. Rogers