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  • Hello,


    My name is Tinisha Hickerson, and I am passionate about connecting people in this community to the plethora of resources that the City of Houston has to offer. I do this kind of work because I am passionate about helping the next generation of leaders that are currently in this school/community. I assist by referring specific individuals to specific service providers and make sure that these resource providers are vetted properly through the Wraparound department. The services we provide assist students with non-academic needs, in order to let students learn and succeed, for the betterment of the student.


    As the Wraparound Resource Specialist at T.H. Rogers, I am overjoyed to connect and bridge relationships between our community and families that may need resources. I help to provide services to assist with mental health issues, rental assistance, food insecurities, basic needs, and more. I am driven by data, fueled by relationships, and committed to T. H. Rogers.


    The Wraparound Department will begin setting up Sensory/Thinkery Wellness Rooms to provide a space for practicing self-care, mindfulness, and calming/relaxation techniques for students and staff members. Time in a calming sensory room, incorporated as part of a regular school schedule, may give students opportunities to recharge and regroup. In turn, this helps promote intrinsic self-regulation, which may reduce the likelihood that students will experience meltdowns and other inappropriate behaviors as they learn to advocate for their own sensory needs.


    Thank you,

    Mrs. Hickerson