• Cycle 2 Announcements 
    Week 7 Announcements
    I changed the Vanguard Math 8 Dilation exam to a quiz. This was announced last week. Tuesday - Friday will be dedicated to review. If you need help with anything before the final on December 12, this is your time to get help.
    Important upcoming dates:
    • Vanguard Math 8 Surface Area and Volume retest on 12/9/2016 (Friday) during B9 period.
    • Algebra I and Vanguard Math 8 finals will be on 12/12/2016 (Monday). We will spend this week reviewing.
    Tutorial Times:
    • Monday: None
    • Tuesday: Lunch, After School (Algebra I)
    • Wednesday: Lunch, After School (Math 8)
    • Thursday: Lunch
    • Friday: Lunch 
    Week 6 Announcements
    I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! We are getting close to the end of the Fall semester, and that means we have a lot of important exams approaching.
    Important upcoming dates:
    • Algebra I quiz over exponents and radicals on 11/29/2016 (Tuesday).
    • Algebra I systems of equations and inequalities retest on 12/2/2016 (Friday) during B9 period.
    • Vanguard Math 8 Surface Area and Volume retest on 12/9/2016 (Friday) during B9 period.
    • Algebra I  exponents, radicals, and sequences exam on 12/5/2016 (Monday).
    • Vanguard Math 8 dilation exam on 12/5/2016 (Monday).
    • Algebra I and Vanguard Math 8 finals will be on 12/12/2016 (Monday). We will spend 12/8/2016 - 12/9/2016 (Thursday - Friday) reviewing.
    Tutoring Schedule:
    Monday: N/A
    Tuesday: Lunch, after school (Algebra I)
    Wednesday: Lunch, after school (Vanguard Math 8), B9 Period
    Thursday: Lunch
    Friday: Lunch 
    Week 5 Announcements
    Hello, not much going on this week. I tried my best to have a light homework load over the break. Algebra I homework is not as much as it seems, everything that is due the following Monday are assignments they make-up assignments or assignments they need to finish if they were unable to complete in class. It's a chance for students that are behind to catch up, but if students have completed all of their work, they should enjoy a homework free break! The only homework I have for Math 8 is to start bringing graph paper to class every day starting next Monday. I'll post details next week on what to expect for finals as we approach the end of the fall semester.
    Week 4 Announcements
    Progress reports are coming out soon. I still need to enter a classwork and test grade in for Algebra I; however, Math 8 grades are in and up to date. Given my unforeseen absence last Thursday, I am going to readjust the due dates of the homework assignments for Algebra I by moving the 5-1 and 5-2 online due dates to this Thursday.
    Upcoming Dates: 
    Vanguard Math 8 Surface Area and Volume Exam this Thursday/Friday
    Vanguard Math 8 Pythagorean Theorem Retest this Friday during B9 
    Algebra I Systems of Equations and Inequalities retest pending. (Between November 28 - December 2)
    Algebra I Law of Exponents, Radicals, and Sequences  Exam is on Thursday, December 1st 
    Tutoring Schedule
    Students can come in for tutoring during these times this week. In order to be eligible to take a retest, students are required to come in for tutorials to get test corrections.
    Monday: N/A 
    Tuesday: After School 
    Wednesday: Lunch
    Thursday: Lunch, After School
    Friday: N/A 
    Week 3 Announcements 
    I apologize for the late announcements this week. All of the homework grades and quiz grades are up to date on gradespeed. I still need to enter a test grade and classwork grade for some of my classes, I'll get those done ASAP.
    Upcoming Dates:
    -Math 8 assessment (test grade) over surface area and volume will be November 17 and November 18. 
    -Math 8 Pythagorean Theorem retest will be on November 18 during B9 period. 
    -I'm still deciding on the date for the Algebra I system of equations retest because Thanksgiving is soon. The date will be provided with one week advance notice. 
    Week 2 Announcements
    Happy Halloween! I did my best to make sure that I assigned a light homework load, so that everyone can go trick-or-treating tonight! I made sure to assign all of my assignments in advance. Be sure to check grade speed, I've already posted the first set of grades for all of my classes. I will not be on campus November 1 and November 2, so please keep that in mind if you need to see me next week.
    Upcoming Dates: 
    Homeroom needs to give me their report card acknowledgement forms ASAP. This will be extra tricky because I won't be here November 1st and 2nd. I'll try to have my substitute collect the forms.
    Math 8 exam over Angles, Triangles, and Pythagorean Theorem will be on November 1 and 2. Check the Week 1 Announcements for topics the test will cover.
    Algebra I exam over Systems of Equations and Inequalities is scheduled for November 8. 
    Week 1 Announcements 
    Math 8 Angles, Triangles, and Pythagorean Theorem Review Topics
    1.) be able to recognize alternating interior angles, alternating exterior angles, corresponding angles, and same side interior angles when a transversal line intersects two parallel lines.
    2.) know when angles are supplementary or congruent when give the above angles.
    3.) be able to use the triangle interior sum theorem and the triangle exterior sum theorem. 
    4.) be able to determine is triangles are similar using the angle-angle similarity postulate. They should be able to recognize similar triangles have congruent corresponding angles and proportional side lengths.
    5.) be able to solve application problems using the Pythagorean Theorem.
    6.) be able to determine if triangles are right triangles by using the converse of the Pythagorean Theorem.
    7.) be able to use the distance formula to find the distance between two points on a coordinate plane. 
    Hello! Report cards are going out soon! Check your grades on grade speed, and if there is anything that needs to be corrected, let me know by tomorrow. I'm going to start entering grades for this current cycle starting this weekend.
    Upcoming Dates: 
    Math 8 exam over Angles, Triangles, and Pythagorean Theorem will be on November 1, 2.
    Algebra I exam over Systems of Equations and Inequalities is scheduled for November 8. 
    Cycle 1 Announcements
    Week 9 Announcement 
    It's the last week of the grading cycle! Any grades that I collect this week will be grades that go on the next grading cycle. I have a few more grades to enter into grade speed, I will try to get them in ASAP. The last day for grades to be due are on Tuesday (10/25/2016); however, the last day I will discuss missing grades or nameless assignments is on Monday (10/24/2016). Be sure to check grade speed and keep me informed.
    Upcoming Dates: 
    The PSAT will be on Wednesday (10/19/2016). Good luck 8th graders! 
    The Algebra I retest will be this Friday (10/21/2016). 
    There will be a quiz for Algebra I (Systems of Equations) and Math 8 (Angles, Triangle Sum Theorem, and Similar Triangles) on Monday (10/24/2016) 
    Week 8 Announcement 
    The Algebra I test will be this Thursday on 10/13/2016. Tuesday is early release and Wednesday is a holiday. Next week is the last week of the grading cycle. Every grade I collect by Monday, October 17, will be the last grades that go on this grading cycle. Every grade after that will go on the next cycle. Be sure to check your grade speed next week, and see if you have any missing grades. Talk to me if you have any concerns about any assignments.
    The Math 8 Equations and Inequalities retest will be this Friday during my period.
    The retest for the Algebra I exam will be next Friday during my period. 
    Algebra I Test Review Topics
    • The students should be familiar with slope-intercept, point-slope, and standard form. This includes converting between the three forms.
    • The students should know the definition of a function and be familiar with using function notation as well as solving expressions which use function notation. 
    • The students should be able to recognize between positive, negative, and no correlation.
    •  The students should be able to recognize functions based on graphs, tables, and equations. Furthermore, they should be able to write function rules based on a given set of coordinate points.
    Week 7 Announcement 
    All of the grades for Math 8 have been updated, and the grades to the Equations and Inequalities exams have been put in the gradebook. I still have about four grades left to put in for Algebra I.
    Important Announcements: 
    • The Algebra I test has been moved from 10/6/2016 to 10/13/2016.
    • On 10/6/2016 Algebra I will instead have a quiz.
    • Math 8 has a quiz on 10/6/2016 and 10/7/2016 depending on the period they have my class.
    • Retests for the Equations and Inequalities Exam will be on 10/14/2016 during B9 period.
    Week 6 Announcement 

    I apologize for the late weekly announcement. I hurt my hand last Friday, and I've been having difficulty writing and typing. Important announcements:
    • Math 8 has a test on September 29, 30 depending on when they have me for class.
    • Algebra I has a test next week on October 6. It is a Thursday.
    • There will be a retest for the Algebra I equations and inequalities exam this Friday during B9 period.
    • I will not be on campus September 28 and October 5. Students that need to see me for tutoring or otherwise will need to plan for another day in the week
    Week 5 Announcement 
     Every grade that was due in the first four weeks has been put into gradespeed for Math 8. I still have one more classwork grade and quiz grade to put in for Algebra I. Furthermore, I have almost finished grading the Algebra I exams, and those grades should be put into gradespeed by Wednesday. So keep an eye out for that! Now that I'm getting in the rhythm of the school year, expect assignments to be posted on gradespeed more regularly. I apologize for the slow start.
    A few important announcements: 
    • Early release is this Wednesday, September 21.
    • Math 8 students that received lower than a 70 on their Rational Numbers and Scientific Notation exam are eligible to take a retest if they complete test corrections and come in for tutorials. The retest is during B9 period on Friday, September 23.
    • Math 8 will have a test over equations and inequalities on September 29 or September 30 (Thursday and Friday) depending on what day they see me.
    • Algebra I will have a test over functions and linear equations on the week of October 3 - October 7. The specific day is still pending.
    Week 4 Announcement 
    I put a lot of grades into gradespeed over the weekend. Be sure to check it out and let me know if you have any questions or concerns.
    • If you are in one of my Vanguard 8 Math classes and you were absent on the test date, you must come to make it up ASAP.
    • I will have grades in for the Real Numbers and Scientific Notation test by Tuesday. I will not hand the tests back until everyone that was absent has taken it. The test grades will go on the progress report.
    • The Algebra I Equations and Inequalities test is this Tuesday (9/13/2016). I posted a review on the Pearson website, it can be printed out. It has a lot of problems you can practice with. Doing these problems are optional, but highly recommended if you need the additional practice.
    Algebra I Review Topics:
    - Be able to recognize when an equation is an identity or has no solution.
    - Be able to solve multistep equations with variables on both sides.
    - Be able to solve proportions and similar triangles.
    - Be able to solve inequalities and compound inequalities.
    - Be able to solve all of the above when related to real world problems and scenarios. 
    - Bonus: Be able to solve absolute value inequalities.
    Week 3 Announcement 
    I hope everyone enjoyed their three day weekend! I'm going to list some important upcoming events.
    • Vanguard Math 8 will have their test either Thursday, September 8 or Friday, September 9 depending on what period they have my class.
    • Algebra I will have a quiz on Thursday, September 8. Their first test will be next Tuesday, September 13.
    • Be sure to check gradespeed regularly, I am putting great effort into making sure all of the students grades are entered
    Vanguard Math 8 Review Topics:
    - Know the properties of real numbers and their subsets. This includes being able to create your own diagram which represents the real number plane. 
    - Know the definition of a rational number. 
    - Know how to approximate square roots to the nearest .05 up to 225 using interpolation.
    - Know how to convert numbers into and out of scientific notation.
    - Be able to order real numbers from least to greatest.
    - Be able to convert fractions into decimals. 
    Review the materials I give you in class before the test. Review your quiz and make corrections. Good luck on Thursday / Friday! 
    Week 2 Announcement 
    We completed the first week! I hope everyone is having a great weekend. I'm going to list some important upcoming events.
    • Vanguard Math 8 will have a quiz on either Tuesday, August 30 or Wednesday, August 31 depending on what period they have my class.
    • All classes will be meeting in the computer lab (room 232) on Thursday and Friday when they have my class.
    • The first Vanguard Math 8 exam will be on  Thursday, September 9 or Friday, September 10 depending on what period they have my class.
    Week 1 Announcement 
    It was great meeting everyone for the first day of school on Monday. I'm posting this announcement to notify everyone that my website is updated. The syllabus can be viewed on my website, as well as current homework assignments. Speaking of homework assignments, students are required to fill out all of their forms and have them turning in by either Thursday or Friday. Also, I have assigned students their first math homework for the week which is due on Monday! Please try to access your homework ASAP (5th-8th period will be able to access it tomorrow), so that way we can resolve any technical issues you may be having. I am confident that we are going to have a great school year! 
    Hello, TH Rogers 8th graders and parents! I am very excited to meet you all this school year. I am the 8th Grade Vanguard Math teacher as well as the Algebra I teacher at TH Rogers Middle School. I will be posting important announcements on this webpage such as the dates of upcoming tests as well as any other need to know information pertaining to my class and the school year. You can also use this webpage to access the syllabus, my contact information, and all upcoming homework assignments as well as previous assignments given throughout the school year. I will post another announcement as we get closer to the start of school which will provide the syllabus for the year. Be sure to check my homepage regularly to keep yourself up to date with everything going on throughout the school year.