Welcome to the Rams Athletics Page!
    The athletic program at T.H. Rogers advances the academic mission of the school. We offer all students educational and social growth opportunities through kinesthetic, spatial skills development, self-discipline, and self-knowledge.  The program conforms with the policies, guidelines, and recommendations of the University Interscholastic League and all rules set by the Houston ISD Athletic Program.

    All students are encouraged to partake in the different team sports at Rogers. All participants are expected to show the highest integrity and ethical conduct in and out of the playing field. The success of our program is weighed not on the wins and losses, but on our athlete's character during an athletic event.

    Relationship building, respect for oneself and others, dedication to excellence, the love of overcoming challenges, commitment and loyalty to one’s team, and most of all, having fun, are the essence of the sports experience at T. H. Rogers.