•  PSI Course Synopsis

    Literacy Awareness / Computer Application

    Student will be provided opportunities to develop cognitive skills related to understanding oral, written and symbolic communication. Attention will be given to expressing preferences, making choices, and manipulating objectives or the environment for specific purpose.

    Language Awareness  / English IV

    Student will be provided with opportunities to demonstrate skills in receptive and expressive communication. Oral symbolic and written expressions are included in the range of skills level development.

    Consumer Awareness / Algebra II

    Student will be provided with opportunity to demonstrate knowledge of concepts related to mathematics. The focus will be on skills related to functioning in the home, community and work environment. Concepts of correspondence, shapes, size, money measurement, and time will be developed as they related to the student’s environments and activities.

    Environmental Awareness  / Physics

    Student will be provided opportunities to practice skills related to independent functioning in the home setting. Personal care, dressing and food preparation are among the areas of focus. Environmental science topics and concept will be incorporated into routines as they relate to daily living.

    Community Awareness / Government / Economics

    Students will be provided with opportunities to practice and develop appropriate social and interactions, access the community and its resources and develop the skills needed to be contributing to the family and community. Focus will include interaction among peers and community members.

    Leisure Awareness / Life NTR

    Students will be provided with the opportunities to practice appropriate use of free time in a variety of indoor and outdoor settings. Personal interest development will be an important focus.

    Vocational Awareness / Electives

    Students will be provided with opportunities to practice and develop skills related to work settings. Focus will include the development of work skills that can be helpful to the family as well as community.

    Motor Awareness / PE

    Students will be provided opportunities in many settings to practice and develop fine and gross motor skills necessary to interact in the home and community settings. Focus will be placed on activities that most functional for student now and in the future.