• Welcome to the 2022-2023 T.H.Rogers Middle School Orchestra!


    Hello Everyone,

    This is Ms. Jang, your orchestra director at T.H.Rogers. 


    The orchestra is where we learn music through playing string instruments and sharing our love for music. 



    Why do I teach music at school? 


    Because music is powerful and beautiful. Music teaches arts, disciplines, and integration.

    But most of all, it teaches the love to unify all people, because music is the only universal language, and I believe music makes the world better. 




    See you soon everyone!


    Ms. Jang 

  • Course Description

    1. Beginning orchestra-mainly for the new 6th grade students who have not played any string instruments previously. An audition is NOT required for this group, but students and parents are responsible to obtain their own instruments. The choice of the instrument is totally up to the students among violin, viola, cello and bass.
    2. Intermediate orchestra-This is for 6th and 7th-grade students who have previous experience with the elementary orchestra or/and beginning middle school orchestra. Suzuki book 1 (later part such as Minuet No. 3) to the beginning of book 2 levels is expected.
    3. Advanced Orchestra-This is an orchestra for 7th and 8th-grade students who can play more advanced music with basic shifting and vibrato. Suzuki book 2-3 level.
    4. Sinfonia orchestra-Sinfonia will participate in UIL as a non-varsity group. Suzuki book 3 and above level with good sight-reading skills are expected
    5. Chamber orchestra-this is the most advanced group of the program and is expected to be at the level of Suzuki book 4 and above with solid sight-reading skills. This group participates in many performances on and off campuses including UIL varsity and many more. Due to a high expectation of performances with this group, it is very important for students to have mature musicianship, musicality, responsibility, and behavior.





  • 2020-2021 T.H.Rogers Orchestra Requirements

    1. For violin and viola students: your instrument, rosin, bow, case, cleaning cloth (these mostly come as a set), and a SHOULDER REST. There are several brands of shoulder rests and the costs will vary depending on the brand. I recommend the Kun brand, which is about $20.
    2. For cello students: your instrument, rosin, bow, case, cleaning cloth, and an END PIN STOPPER.


    1. Book: (these books are also available on Amazon as well)

    Beginning orchestra-Essential elements book 1 (of your instrument)

    Intermediate orchestra-Essential elements book 2

    Advanced orchestra-Essential techniques (EE book 3)

    Sinfonia and Chamber-TBA

    1. A binder to keep handouts and printed music
    2. A pencil
    3. Name tag for your instrument


    Where to get instruments and books

    I strongly recommend all students and parents to rent their instrument for many reasons.

    1. most likely, you may need to be measured as there are various sizes of instruments depending on how tall and how big you are. If it is your first time getting an instrument, please go to these local shops with your child. They will measure your child and will give you the right size instrument.
    2. most rental policies will come with an insurance plan that will cover any loss and damage because accidents happen all the time, unfortunately….
    3. you will earn some credit from your monthly payments and you can use this credit to purchase your permanent instrument from the shop.

    Instrument Shop (local)

    1. Lisle violin shop (near Rice village)
    2. Amati violin shop (in Rice village)
    3. Gold violin shop (Bellaire area)
    4. Sams violin (Katy)
    5. Sharmusic is a very good website for all string students. They offer many sales on books, accessories and even instruments from time to time.


    *Please DO NOT purchase instruments from Amazon or eBay for under $150…many of these violins are not made correctly and will cost more to repair and cause frustration as they don’t stay in tune.


    *We don’t want any financial issues to stop you from joining the orchestra. We have a few instruments you can rent from the school at a very low cost but they are very limited. If you need a school rental instrument, please email me (mjang@houstonisd.org).