• Elementary Vanguard
    T. H. Rogers has approximately 479 Vanguard students in Kindergarten through 5th Grade.
    • In Kindergarten through 4th Grade, each grade has three classes of 22 students each.
    • In 5th grade, there are three classes of 25 students each.
    T. H. Rogers has departmentalized academic instruction, K through Grade 5.  Translation:  One of the three grade level teachers is responsible for the English language arts curriculum, one of the three grade level teachers is responsible for the math curriculum, and one of the three grade level teachers is responsible for the Science and History curriculum.  Students "change classes" during the school day between their grade level teachers.
    The Elementary Vanguard academic course work is accelerated, with an emphasis in research and critical thinking skills.
    To better enhance reading skills, Upper Elementary students are occasionally given the opportunity to read with Lower Elementary students in our Buddy Reading program.
    To give students opportunity to practice skills they have learned in class, Study Island is available for tutorial support.
    In addition to Vanguard students, T. H. Rogers also houses the Houston Day School for the Deaf, as well as a Multiple Impaired program for students with severe disabilities.  Vanguard Elementary students have opportunities for inclusion activities and classroom lessons with other student populations on campus, when possible.  We believe interaction and integration among our student populations provide unique character building opportunities for our students, hence our motto:  "Where Academics and Character Matter!"