• Check your own library account

    Would you like to check your library account? It's easy! Just go to destiny.houstonisd.org and find the school you attend- T. H. Rogers Primary under Elementary Schools or T. H. Rogers Middle School under Middle Schools. Next, click on Login, located in the upper right-hand corner of the page. Your username should be your seven-digit ID number with an S in front of it. (Your ID number can be found on your report card or class schedule. This is also your lunch number.) Your password should be your eight-digit birthdate. 01012001 would be January 1, 2001. (If you changed your network password to log in to computers at school, then use the one you created.) Once logged in, you can see what you have out, when those books are due, and any fines you owe. If you have trouble, come check your account with Ms. Gavin in the library.