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    Elementary Computer Lab

    Angela Wilkins


    Email :  Awilkin3@houstonisd.org

    Website: https://www.houstonisd.org/rogersms/awilkins

    Conference Time: Conferences available upon request.



    For good websites to help your student in all subject areas, and to find information about some of the projects students are working on please see my website by clicking the icon below
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    Elementary Computer Lab Syllabus

     Welcome to 2019 – 2020 school year at TH Rogers! I am looking forward to an excellent year with our amazing students!

     The computer lab experience is that of creativity. The projects the students will complete will support the learning that takes place not only in their classroom but also in their daily lives. I firmly believe the Chinese proverb, I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand. In order to accomplish this, students will participate in a wide range of hands on project-based activities throughout the school year.

    Contact Information

    Email - awilkin3@houstonisd.org                    Website - http://www.houstonisd.org/rogersms/awilkins

    Learning Goals:

    Kindergarten and First grade students concentrate on acquiring beginning technology skills with a strong focus on developing mouse, typing, and word processing skills. Students will learn how to create and edit documents in Microsoft Word.

    Second graders will utilize their foundation in typing and word processing to expand into more diverse skillsets including slide shows, internet research, comic creations, and continue their development of word processing and typing proficiency.

    Third graders will combine multiple skillsets to complete projects that challenge students to research facts, collect images, name, store, and manage file sets, and create multimedia presentations. Students will work with Microsoft Publisher to create various presentations while continuing to build their keyboarding skills.

    Fourth graders will be involved in slide show presentations and a variety of research using Microsoft PowerPoint While continuing to build their keyboarding skills. Students will also develop skills in graphic and photo editing, narrated slideshows, word processing, typing and emerging technologies.

    Fifth graders will work in Microsoft Excel to create budgets while learning skills such as creating formulas, graphs and digital images to enhance and create professional presentations. In addition, students work to increase their keyboard skills and words per minute to adequately prepare them for middle school.

     Classroom Expectations
    • Be on time for class with all materials needed
    • Raise your hand to share ideas respectfully
    • Always follow lab rules
    • No food or water bottles in the lab
    • Follow the school rules and honesty policy

    Grading Policy

    Assessments & Projects    40%       Classwork- Typing    30%        Daily Classwork    30%

    Late Work – Students are given ample time to complete all project within the class periods so no late work is not accepted. To accommodate absences and other issues that may arise, extra time during the school week can be arranged to ensure the students can complete the work assigned within the grading period.

     Restroom and Water Break Policy: During computer class we are significantly limited on time to complete projects and typing lessons. For this reason, I highly encourage students to use the restroom and get water before class. However, I understand that sometimes students will have extenuating circumstances, so they are allowed to go one at a time after directions are given at the beginning of class. Kindergarteners are reminded by their homeroom teacher to use the restroom in the classroom before ancillary, since the bathrooms are far away from the computer lab and an older student usually has to be pulled out of class to escort the kindergartener. As always, if emergencies arise accommodations are made.

    At Home Practice: Please encourage your student to use the following resources to practice and build new skills during their free time.

    Typing Pal: https://throgers.typingpal.com/

    Students use this site regularly in the classroom to improve keyboarding skills. Username and Password are the same. Students can login using a capital S and their student ID number. EX: S1234567

    Ms. Wilkins’ Page: www.protpage.com/awilkin

    I created this page as a safe way for students to play while learning valuable technology and classroom skills. Instructional videos are available for every skill the students are taught in class.