Magnet Registration Form (English) (Spanish)
    Entrance Agreement (English) (Spanish)
    M.I.T. students participate in a multifaceted technology program for business, computing sciences, engineering, fine arts, health professions or multimedia and digital design while completing a comprehensive college-preparatory program of academics.
    Freshman magnet students interested in similar areas will be grouped together for a close study of their desired discipline. Sophomores will break out into classes that are more narrow in scope as they delve further into their field of study. Students will take at least one Magnet elective course each year in their area of study. Students interested in participating in the Engineering program must complete a separate application to be turned in when they apply to the magnet program. For more information on the application process, and to find a copy of the application, please visit the WEGA (Westide Engineering & Geosciences Academy) page which can be found under the academics section on the homepage.
    Magnet students will select one of ten career pathways on which to focus their studies in a variety of technology driven fields.Our programs are grouped into 5 strands: Business, Computer Sciences & Engineering, Fine Arts, Health Professionals and Multimedia and Digital Design. For more information, please check out this Magnet Program Overview. 
    The links below will take you to individual pages for each strand, with specific information and sample four year plans:
    Westside High School invites you to apply for admission to our Magnet program.  All interested students should complete the online application at www.hisdchoice.com and mail any requested materials to the address below.  
    Westside High School
    Attn: Jane Miller
    14201 Briar Forest
    Houston, Texas 77077
    Westside High School, in accordance with HISD policy, uses a rubric to determine an applicant’s score. Ninth grade students are evaluated based on 7th grade Reading and Math STAAR or Math and Science Stanford scores (better of the two is used), 7th grade attendance, 7th grade conduct, 7th grade final averages in math, science, English, and social studies as well as the grades earned during the first grading cycle of 8th grade in math, science, English and social studies.  Students receive a score for each component which is then totaled for a composite score.  If the student has a composite score of 75 or above he or she qualifies for the program and will be placed in the lottery.  If the student has a score below 75, he or she does not qualify. If applying for the Futures Academy, a student needs a score 80 or better to qualify.
    For more information on Westside's Magnet programs, please contact Jane Miller at emiller4@houstonisd.org or 281-920-8000 (Select prompt 4 for Magnet Office)
    For more information on HISD Magnet programs, please visit www.houstonisd.org/magnet or call 713-556-6947.