Petroleum Exploration & Engineering Strand:

Engineering, HVAC, Welding

  •  Here is what MSI offers for this strand:


    • Certifications/Professional Licenses: OSHA, Process Tech, Welding, HVAC,
    • Job Shadowing/Fieldtrips/Internships: International Petroleum Association of America (IPAA), Doris Richardson, Schlumberger Sugar Land, Weiss Energy Hall, Halliburton Real Time Center, CGG Veritas, Western Geco, Ocean Star, Offshore Museum in Galveston, The Oil Sim Competition, The OTC Conference, HISD CTE Expo Competition, NASA Engineering Camp, UT Exploration Camp, BP Engineering Day, Texas A&M Engineering Summer Camp, El Paso Corp, Marathon Oil, Shell, FMC, Oceaneering, Society for Petroleum Engineers, CRANE AC
    • Guest Speakers/Partners: Economists, Geopolitical Specialists, Petroleum Engineers, Negotiators, Land and Offshore Specialists, Exploration and Production Specialists, Reporters, Structural Engineers, Junior Achievement’s Young Professionals, Geologists, Geophysicists, and others.
    • Organizations: Robotics Club, Energy Club