• Valkeith Winters
    Fine Arts Director /Communications Application/ Band

    Valkeith Deon Winters is a graduate of Prairie View A&M University. He is currently working for HoustonISD at Charles H. Milby High School as a Communication Applications Teacher and he is also, the Fine Arts Director. His Career with Milby started in August 1999. In 2002 he was nominated by the students at Milby for the Pappa John’s Teacher of the Year Award. In 2009, he received numerous awards for his Outstanding Services including, East Region Teacher of the Year, The Rotary Club of Harrisburg Teacher of the year and one of HISD top four honors the Elizabeth Brand Memorial Teacher Excellence Award. Mr. Winters regrouped the Milby band which at the time had only two students that could play an instrument, the number progressed to 84 students who made the passing grade for them to participate in UIL the following year. His philosophy of excellence is for the students to achieve an 80% and above in all classes. The Milby Marching Thunder Band is one of the Pride of the East Side.
    Mr. Winters works not only with the band, but he has two after school programs that reach out to the community. Some of the work details include helping tutor elementary students, sending gift baskets to the nursing homes, doing numerous walks for cures, and adopting a senior citizen (where the students get to clean and landscape a home). Mr. Winters spends the second shift of his time at Windsor Village United Methodist Church working with young men from elementary to college level to prepare them how to be a real man. These young men dance, step, and chant all in the name of Jesus.
    International choreographer is what a lot of his peers call him, he does not only teach dance in the USA, but over seas as well. He started his own group, the CREW & L.O.C. (Christ Receiving Everlasting Worship and the Ladies of Christ) this group has opened for some of the biggest names in the gospel industry. Mr. Winters is the founder of ABC Teams (Auxiliary Band and Cheer Teams) where he hosted numerous competitions and scholarship offers. Mr. Winters is truly a man about the youth and for the youth and loves what he does for the students to be successful citizens in any community.

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