This page was created for you to find information regarding our Milby Online Classes.

     Please visit the Tech Tips for Students page for guidance on how to navigate through your HUB classes, Microsoft Teams, etc.


    Read the FAQs for answers to your frequently asked questions about Online classes.


    Bell Schedules 

    Click to view or print the Milby Bell Schedule 2020-2021
    Student Responsibilities:
    • Check for assignments on the HUB and on the teacher's Microsoft Teams Classroom 
    • Completing and submitting work on time - See your courses on the HUB or ask your teachers
    • Use professionalism online & appropriate behavior - This is particularly the case for live Microsoft Teams meetings; We will not tolerate any inappropriate behavior that takes away from the learning of others
    • Contact teachers if you're struggling - If you are struggling in any way such as personally, emotionally, academically, and feel that you are not staying up to date with your assignments, contact your teacher or counselor ASAP. There are many resources and teachers are working hard to help you and be available. Please do not wait until the end of the semester to have open communication with teachers - we are all here for YOU!
    Click to view or print the Early Dismissal schedule.