2019-2020 School Year Registration Dates and Times:


    Please check the Milby Calendar.  Registration dates and times are posted there.

    Times and locations may change. Please call the office 713.928.7401 for updates.  


    What do you need to bring for registration? 


    The Registrar’s Office is located at 1601 Broadway Houston, TX 77012
    Most schools have specifically defined attendance zones that include residential areas that each school serves. On the basis of a student's home address, HISD assigns each student to a "feeder pattern" composed of a specific elementary, middle, and high school.


    To determine which schools serve your residence, use the online "School Zone Search Tool" by clicking here or call the Student Transfer Department at 713-556-6734 or the HISD Information Center at 713-556-6005.


    If a Milby student wants to transfer to another HISD school, the child’s parent or guardian must complete the Application for Student Transfer and deliver it to the School Secretary Rosalinda Escamilla in the Main office. If a student wishes to withdraw from Milby, he or she should contact the Attendance Office. 
    In order to enroll at Milby High School, a student MUST: 
    • Be zoned to Milby High School OR must have an approved transfer to Milby High School
    • Have a parent or legal guardian (as appointed by the courts) accompany the student.  Legal documents must be provided in situations involving divorce and/or legal guardianship.  Parents will be asked to provide a valid Driver’s License, Military ID, Passport or State ID.


    You must have all of the following records and documents to be enrolled. NO EXCEPTIONS. 
    1. Parent or Legal Guardian (as appointed by the courts) must accompany the student. Legal documents must be provided in situations involving divorce and/or Legal Guardianship. Parents will be asked to show their driver's license (picture ID).
    2. Proof of address of parent or court appointed Legal Guardian.
      1. If living in a house, the most recent Gas, Electric or Water bill. 
      2. If living in an apartment, a letter from the apartment manager on apartment letterhead stationary (a lease is not sufficient). This letter should state who the student lives with and in what apartment. The letter must be signed by the apartment manager and contain a phone number where we may call them. 
    3. Proof of Age/Identity
      1. Birth certificate - especially if you are new to HISD.
      2. Social Security Card if the student has an assigned number. (Optional)
      3. Passport with Visa only if the student has never enrolled in a school in the United States. 
    4. Health Records
      1. Diphtheria-Tetanus (DT Booster in the last ten years). 
      2. Polio Booster since the age of four. 
      3. Measles, Mumps, Rubella (2 doses)
      4. It is suggested to have begun Hepatitis series of shots
    5. School Records From Your Last School
      1. Report Card from the previous semester
      2. Unofficial Transcript - must provide a translation if in another language and include a grading scale. 
      3. Withdrawal form from all Texas schools if registering during the school year. 
    6. New 9th Graders Need:
      1. End of Year Report Card that states promoted to 9th Grade. 
      2. If the student attended summer school they need both end of year and summer school report card stating promoted to 9th Grade. 
      3. Latest TAKS/STAAR scores. 
    Although you may have submitted some of the above documents with applications to other school programs, you must have the above required documents with you or you will not be allowed to register.  It is not the obligation of the school administration to obtain these documents for you.
    Who do I contact if I have any questions?
    Ms. Laquisha Wilson
    Milby Registrar
    Phone: 713-928-7401 
    Extension: 011112
    Email by clicking here.  
    Ms. Aviles 
    Milby Registrar Office Assistant
    Phone: 713-928-7401  
    Fax: 713-928-7474
    Extension: 011113
    Email by clicking here.