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    Friday, September 24, 2021

    Welcome to the Milby Dual Credit page.  We have a lot going on here.  If you are new and looking information on dual credit, skip below to "What is Dual Credit?"

    If you want to be included on the list for dual credit, even if you are a freshman wanting to take the classes in the future, follow "this link" this link and complete the brief survey.  



    JUNE 15 Due Date

    All active Dual Credit students who will be taking classes Fall 2021 must complete and sign the two documnets below.

    1. Tuition Waiver. Tuition Waiver
      1. You and your parent must sign.
      2. Do not worry about the classes listed.  It will be corrected.
      3. You can sign using a touchscreen or by just typing with a different font.
      4. Email or share the document to Mr. Ellis at wellis@houstonisd.org.
    2. Commitment Letter.  Commitment Letter
      1. Only the student signs.
      2. Sign it the same way as the Tuition Waiver.
      3. Email or share the document to Mr. Ellis.


    Students Directed Here to Apply to HCC, Please, do the following:

    1. Look at banner to left, click "Apply to HCC" and follow instructions.  The application must be completed by April 16, to participate during the Fall 2021 semester.

    2. Let Mr. Ellis know that you completed the application process.


    Important COVID-19 Information.  Because of the pandemic, much of the testing that qualifies students to take college classes has not been offered over the past year.  This is a national issue.  Colleges and Universities are qualifying students for admissions without using the SAT, ACT and other entrance exams.  This also affects high school dual credit students. 

    Our students typically qualify for dual credit college classes with TSIA, PSAT, or STAAR EOC exam scores.  Without this testing data, HCC is accepting other ways to qualify.  This includes overall grade point average and performance in high school English classes.  Students interested in Dual Credit classes will be considered on an individual basis using the HCC-established criteria.  Students not currently qualifying, can still qualify with upcoming STAAR, PSAT, and TSI testing.  

    What is Dual Credit?

    Dual Credit means that a student is scheduled into a single class with a single instructor, but is enrolled into a High School and College class at the same time.  The student experiences a single class that results in both, a high school and a college grade and credit.  Currently, Milby students are graduating with about 30 credit hours.  That's about one year of college credit.  Milby and HISD will support students in their quests to earn more credit during the Summer. 


    Milby students also participate in the Marek Construction Academy.  Milby and Austin High Schools join with Marek Construction and Houston Community College to provide students with access to a Level 1 Construction Certificate, a paid Summer internship, and a career with Marek Construction upon High School graduation.


    Currently, Milby is not an authorized Early College or Futures Academy.  Therefore, we do not have access to the resources that would allow us to offer students associate degrees.  Please see the HISD website for those schools. 

    Who can take Dual Credit?

    Dual Credit classes are open to all students who qualify.  Dual Credit classes start during a student's sophomore year.  Some qualifying Freshman will take College Algebra during the Spring semester.  Student wanting to take Dual Credit classes are strongly encouraged to take Pre-AP academic classes to prepare for all Advanced Academic classes, including Dual Credit.

    Students can qualify with STAAR, Texas Success Initiative Accuplacer (TSI), and PSAT scores. 

    How do I qualify?

    Testing is how you qualify. TSI testing can start as early as the Summer before the freshman year.  Students can take the TSI at any grade level.  During the Sophomore year students will take the PSAT.  Students can become eligible to take classes starting their Junior year with qualifying PSAT scores.  Sophomores will also take the English 2 STAAR EOC in April.  They can also become eligible to take classes during their junior year with a qualifying score.


    TSI testing information can be found here.  The information on the TSI Testing page currently addresses COVID-19 testing procedures.



    Transferable Credit

    MYTH: Dual Credit classes only transfer to Texas Schools.

    BUSTED: The dual credit classes that students take at Milby/Houston Community College will transfer to all public Texas colleges and universities, as well as to many private schools.  The credits also transfer beyond Texas!  Follow http://www.hccs.edu/support-services/transfers/transferring-credits/ and click on “VIEW EQUIVALENCY CREDITS” to see the very extensive list of schools with course equivalents.  Specific degree programs may limit the application of the courses or relegate some to the status of electives.  You will have to confirm with the receiving school.





     HCC Application Instructions 


    Email Bill Ellis at wellis@houstonisd.org with any questions.