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    October 18 Update!
    It is TSI time!  Students who have not taken the TSI will have an oppotunity to take the placement test Thursday or Friday, November 1 and 2, respetcively.  
    Students can sign up to take the TSI Thursday, October 18, and Friday, October 19, in the Milby Commons, 2nd Floor, During all lunches.
    The test will be taken at Houston Community College.
    The test will be taken Thursday, November 1, or Friday, November 2.
    Students will get a field trip permission form during strong time on Wednesday, October 24.
    Return your permission form by Monday, October 29.
    You must complete an online practice test.  Register at the link below.  It is so easy that even Mr. Ellis did it.  Take a photo or screen shot when you complete the practice test.  Mr. Ellis needs to see it.
    Practice! https://accuplacer.collegeboard.org/student/practice
    Apply to HCC!
    First priority for testing goes to students who have completed the application process by the October 1 deadline, and to studnets taking the test for College Algebra consideration. 
    The second priority goes to qualified retesters.  
    What is the Milby Early College Academy?
    The Milby Early College Academy offers students the opportunity to earn free college credit while still in high school.  The 2017-2018 year saw Milby’s first group of students graduate with multiple years of academic dual credit.  Students graduated with at least 18 hours of transferrable college credit.  Many completing all the English and Math that they will need in college.  Our program is ever expanding.  This year, students will take English, US History, Psychology, Mexican American Studies, and College Algebra.

    Transferable Credit

    The dual credit classes that students take at Milby/Houston Community College will transfer to all public Texas colleges and universities, as well as to many private schools.  The credits also transfer beyond Texas.  Follow http://www.hccs.edu/support-services/transfers/transferring-credits/ and click on “VIEW EQUIVALENCY CREDITS” to see the very extensive list of schools with course equivalents.  Specific degree programs may limit the application of the courses or relegate some to the status of electives.  You will have to confirm with the receiving school.


    Becoming Aware and Empathetic Advocates and Activists

    Beyond the classroom, many dual credit students can participate in perspective and life changing activities.  The Middle College National Consortium’s April 2019 Student Leadership Conference in New York City will be the culmination of a school-year-long project that strives to “increase civic engagement and youth voter turnout to make an impact in and beyond our communities.”


    The 2018 MCNC Student Conference was hosted by Milby and Sterling High Schools, here in Houston.  The 2018 projects addressed youth homelessness.  Students and their adult sponsors from California, Ohio, Illinois, Michigan, New York, and the Carolinas attended the Houston conference.  Student groups shared their respective home city experiences, learned about the efforts and experiences of others, completed service projects, and celebrated.


    The process of picking Milby’s 2019 team of students will begin at the start of the Fall semester.   Expect to see student invitations to apply, as well as invitations to a parent meeting in early September.  


    Interested in Dual Credit Classes?

    These are your contacts:

    Bill Ellis, Assistant Principal

    Milby phone: 713-928-7401

    Text line: 713-234-6438

    Email: wellis@houstonisd.org