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    Sunday, June 7, 2020



    Now is the time to prepare to take Dual Credit classes in 2020-2021 

    Important To-Dos for next year's classes that may be affected by coronavirus (updated May 5, 2020)
    This is the time of year that we typically prepare for next year's Dual Credit Classes. We are facing some unknowns for many students.
    Currently Enrolled Dual Credit Students
    It is time for us complete documents for the 2020-2021 school year.  If you have not been invited to the Milby Dual Credit Teams group.  This link will get you there. Milby Dual Credit Teams Group
    Within this group you can complete all required paperwork online.
    Juniors (class of 2021)
    All of you should have qualified for Dual Credit with your English 2 STAAR scores or TSI.  All that you will need to do is turn in signed Tuition Waivers and Student Commitment form.  These will be due by May 29.  You can find them in the Teams Group or below.
    Many of you have already submitted these documents.  Do not worry if you have not.  It will not be due until the end of May.
    Here are copies of those documents.  The courses on the waiver form are only the courses offered at Milby.  That list is not important and it may change.  All that matters are the signatures.  As mentioned above, these forms are also available in the Teams group.  You can select them from here, sign them, and email them to Mr. Ellis, wellis@hosutonisd.org.
    Sophompores and Freshmen
    If you have already qualifed with College Ready TSI scores, you will need to submit the following documents, once signed, as well.  Again, these will be due in early May, hopefully upon our return to campus.
    To All Students Needing to Qualify (This is importnant)
    The current COVID-19 situation is forcing us to retconsider how we will be able to qualify students.  Before Spring Break, our plan had shifted to testing students during the school day.  Sophomores would test in May while the other grade levels were taking the STAAR EOC exams.  The freshmen would also have a chance to test on campus.  However, we do not know when we will return.  We are hopeful that we will be able to provide testing options prior to HCC deadlines this Summer.
    Many Sophomores typically qualify with their English II STAAR EOC of courses.  This will not be an option since we will not be taking the test this year.  However, many of you do qualify with you PSAT scores.  If you do qualify with your PSAT scores you will be notified by Monday, April 6.
    All other students, Mr. Ellis will update this website as soon as he knows more. 

    Dual Credit
    The Milby High School Dual Credit Program offers high school students an opportunity to earn free college credit while still in high school. Houston ISD offers opportunities to earn Associate degrees at Early Colleges within the district.  Milby High School is not an Early College High School.  Those schools can be found by following this link Houston ISD Early Colleges.
    While Milby is not an Early College, qualifying students may have an opportunity to graduate with a substantial number of credit hours.  Some current Milby seniors are on track to graduate with over 20 credit hours.  Some current sophomores and juniors have the potential to graduate with 30 or more credit hours.  (This projection is soley based on credit earned, current coursework and anticipated future courses, all currently taught on campus by Milby/HCC instructors.)
    Current Milby Dual Credit Students who want to continue taking Dual Credit classes should have requested them when 2020-2021 Course Requests were completed.  These students will be surveyed in February so that we may get an early start on completing required documents as well as populating classes.
    Non-Dual Credit Students should express their interest by completing the Student HUB survey on the Milby Main Page in It'sLearning.  They may also speak with Mr. Ellis in the Library. 
    Summer School Update!  March 10, Deadline!
    Students who are interested in taking Summer Dual Credit classes must submit signed waiver and vaccination documents by Tuesday, March 10.  They can be emailed to Mr. Ellis at wellis@houstonisd.org or left at his office in the Milby Library.  
    If we have enough interest, a Sociology class will be offered on the Milby campus during the month of June.  Tuition and book fees for this class will be covered by HCC and HISD, respectively.  All other classes will be scheduled by the students to be taken online or at an HCC campus.  HCC will waive the tuition fees for those classes, but students will be reponsible for paying for textbook needs.  
    HCC Summer Course Catalogue will not be released until April.  An HCC representative will be here to help us register.
    Her are the needed forms.

    Important Dates

    January 25: TSI Accuplacer Placement Test.  Qualifies students for Dual Credit.  (Focus on students who have previously tested.)
    February 15: TSI 
    March 7: TSI
    March 10: Deadline to Submit Summer Enrollment.
    April 1: HCC Application Deadline for Fall 2020. 
    April 4: TSI
    May 1: Signed HCC documentation for Fall 2020 due.
    May 16: TSI (Last TSI to qualify for Fall 2020.)

    Transferable Credit

    MYTH: Dual Credit classes only transfer to Texas Schools.

    BUSTED: The dual credit classes that students take at Milby/Houston Community College will transfer to all public Texas colleges and universities, as well as to many private schools.  The credits also transfer beyond Texas!  Follow http://www.hccs.edu/support-services/transfers/transferring-credits/ and click on “VIEW EQUIVALENCY CREDITS” to see the very extensive list of schools with course equivalents.  Specific degree programs may limit the application of the courses or relegate some to the status of electives.  You will have to confirm with the receiving school.





     HCC Application Instructions 


    Email Bill Ellis at wellis@houstonisd.org with any questions.