• Milby High School Dual Credit Program

    ***Attention Freshmen Attempting to Qualify for College Algebra****
    Here are the HCC application instructions: HCC Application
    Fall 2019
    The Milby High School Dual Credit Program offers high school students an opportunity to earn free college credit while still in high school.  Throughout the district, dual credit is growing in popularity.  While we are expanding our offerings, space in the classes is limited.  It is important to meet all school and Houston Community College deadlines.  The HCC Fall 2019 student application deadline was April 16, and all student documentation was submitted on June 15.  We are currently preparing students for Dual Credit classes to be taken in 2020.
    Detailed information, including dates, will be made available during the 2019-2020 School Year Orientations scheduled over the next two weeks.
    This is the step-by-step process that will be shared:
    1. Express interest by completing online survey.
    2. Attend the Dual Credit Orientation in September.
    3. Apply to HCC.
    4. Prepare for TSI Accuplacer placement test.
    5. Take TSI Accuplacer placement test to qualify. 
    6. Meet with counselor to discuss options.
    TSI testing will begin in October.  Students not qualifying will be offered online and face-to-face tutorials to prepare them for future testing.  Sophomores may also qualify with their English II EOC scores.

    Transferable Credit

    MYTH: Dual Credit classes only transfer to Houston Community College.

    BUSTED: The dual credit classes that students take at Milby/Houston Community College will transfer to all public Texas colleges and universities, as well as to many private schools.  The credits also transfer beyond Texas!  Follow http://www.hccs.edu/support-services/transfers/transferring-credits/ and click on “VIEW EQUIVALENCY CREDITS” to see the very extensive list of schools with course equivalents.  Specific degree programs may limit the application of the courses or relegate some to the status of electives.  You will have to confirm with the receiving school.





     HCC Application Instructions 


    Email Bill Ellis at wellis@houstonisd.org with any questions.