CTE Student Organizations

Career and Technical Student Organizations

  • **Students must be currently enrolled in or have taken a CTE course related to the respective CTSO to partake in organizational membership.


    Career and Technical Student Organizations (CTSOs) are co-curricular activities that enrich CTE programs of study, and provide students with opportunities to highlight their learning experiences through competitions, leadership skills, scholarships, and networking with professionals. The term ‘career and technical student organization’ means an organization for students enrolled in a career and technical education program that engages in career and technical education activities as an integral part of the instructional program.

    State charters for Texas CTSOs are held by the Texas Education Agency (TEA), which has the responsibility for leadership and fiscal oversight of each organization, as well as integration of CTSO activities into a state-approved CTE program of study. TEA sponsors the following CTSOs:

    1. Texas FFA
    2. Texas Future Business Leaders of America
    3. Skills USA Texas
    4. Texas Association of Future Educators
    5. Texas Business Professionals of America
    6. Texas DECA
    7. Texas Family Career and Community Leaders Association
    8. Texas Health Occupations Student Association
    9. Texas Technology Student Association


    The Texas Education Agency (TEA) has best aligned the following 9 state-approved CTSOs to each of the clusters below. Click here to access the cluster table

    Additional links: 

    TEA CTSO support: CTSO Support Link 

    ACTE Technique Publications: https://www.acteonline.org/publications/techniques/

    Sponsors/Advisor Requirements

    Step One: Campus Commitment – The Commitment to Sponsor a CTSO form must be completed, signed by the campus Principal, and submitted to the CTE department by  Friday, December 8, 2023 (EXTENDED DEADLINE). This form will remain on file with the District CTE Department. Click here to Access the CTSO Campus Commitment Form

    Step Two:  CTSO Commitment Form Submission Link

    Step Three: Submit a CTSO Portfolio to be eligible to receive extra duty pay. Click here to access the sample CTSO Portfolio with the Houston District Guidelines(Access CTSO Sample Portfolio)

    1. For a quick overview of the policies and procedures teachers need to be aware of with regard to the CTSO Portfolio, view the CTSO Advisor Checklist.
    2. Please submit your portfolio electronically through Bulb Platform or via email. 

    Step Four: Access and complete the CTSO stipend request form. Click here to Access the CTSO Stipend Request Form (Extra Duty Pay Form)

      2. The CTSO Portfolio and Extra Duty Pay Reimbursement Form must be submitted by:
        1. Fall Semester: Tuesday, January 30, 2024
        2. Spring Semester: Monday, May 13, 2024

    Sponsor Stipend

    CTSO Sponsor is eligible to receive a stipend if all sponsor expectations and chapter requirements are met and submitted in CTSO Portfolio. Stipends are distributed based on the following qualifications of CTSO membership. Multiple chapters of the same organization on a campus will be consolidated to one chapter to determine stipend eligibility.

    Member Roster*

    Sponsor Status

    Stipend (half amount in Fall/Spring)

    5 -25

    1 Sponsor


    26 –50

    1 Co-Sponsor


    51 - 75

    2 Co-Sponsors


    76- 100

    3 Co-Sponsors



    4 Co-Sponsors (Max)


    • Member Roster – Membership is based on the state and/or national organization roster showing paid.
    • Active Members – Must have at least 50% of chapter members regularly attending chapter meetings and participating in community service and leadership conference.
    • If active members is less than 50%, the stipend is subject to pro-rated amount.

    **A CTSO Portfolio and Extra Duty Pay Reimbursement Form must be submitted in the Fall semester if you are sponsoring a CTSO for the entire school year.

    CTSO stipends listed on the chart above will be split into two separate payments: half in the Fall and half in the Spring. We allocate funds for pay based on the Fall reimbursement submissions. Thus, the budget will not have sufficient funds to cover your spring or full year reimbursement if we do not receive your reimbursement form by the Fall due date.

  • Sponsor Expectations

    1. The CTSO sponsor shall inform Campus and Central Office Administrators of the desire to sponsor a CTSO which aligns to CTE courses taught by completing and submitting the CTSO Sponsor Commitment Form.
    2. The CTSO sponsor shall have a policy providing membership opportunities to students currently enrolled in a state-approved CTE program of study.  The organization shall be inclusive to members of special populations.
    3. The CTSO sponsor shall serve as the representative to provide oversight for the membership roster. Chapter dues must be received and processed by the state and/or national organization.
    4. The CTSO sponsor shall be involved in the day-to-day operations (membership dues, chapter meetings, community service, finances, conference/competition attendance, fundraisers) of a CTSO as co-curricular activities that are extensions of the CTE courses.
    5. The CTSO teacher/sponsor shall be responsible for ensuring financial accountability and implementing checks and balances to accomplish the organization’s purposes at the campus level. Sponsor shall have financial reports of all receipts and payments available for review by Campus Administrators or CTE Central Office Personnel.

    CTSO Chapter Requirements

    1. The CTSO shall implement chapter Bylaws and/or Policies & Procedures, including chapter officers (minimum President, Secretary, and Treasurer), for the effective operation and fiscal management of the CTSO.
    2. The CTSO shall hold monthly chapter meetings from September – December and January – April. Documentation for each meeting must include an Agenda, Sign-in Sheet, and Meeting Minutes. Officer and/or Parent meetings are not considered chapter meetings.
    3. The CTSO must participate in at least (1) one community service event in the Fall and (1) one in the Spring semester. Community Service events are defined as partnerships with an organization in the Houston community where chapter members provide a goodwill effort to the Houston community. Examples of Community Service are Habitat for Humanity, Blood Drive, Toys for Tots, Long Term Care Facility Events, Houston Food Bank, Big Brother/Big Sister, Adopt a Road Clean Up, Military service and donation drives for named organization.
      Events that serve as benefit to CTSO chapter and/or school facilities will not be considered.
    4. The CTSO must participate in at least one local leadership conference activity sponsored through the CTSO. The activity can be a district/regional/area conference. The event should contain opportunities for students to network, gain employability skills, develop personally, work well with others, gain chapter leadership knowledge, and participate in competitive events.
    5. The CTSO is encouraged to participate in chapter fundraising to assist with the costs of student participation and travel for leadership conferences and/or competitive events.