• Professional Development

    The goal of our CTE Professional Development team is to keep CTE teachers up-to-date on current trainings, as well as developing new skills for the purpose of further education and careers in emerging professions. Our team also provides ongoing educational training and instructional support. We highly recommend that CTE teachers use effective instructional practices and strategies to support high levels of student engagement, achievement and success. Instructional supports for CTE teachers include differentiated instruction, best practices, use of technology, and the selection of TEK-aligned resources.

    Academic Days 2020

    Access the presentatioins, documents, and session recordings that were shared during Academic Days on August 28, 31, and September 2.

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  • E-Learning Student/Teacher Platforms

  • 75 Ways to Support & Use Digital Formative Assessments

  • Canva

  • ClassDoJo

  • Kahoot

  • Mentimeter

  • Padlet

  • ReadWorks

  • Rubistar

  • Test-Guide

  • TweenTribune

  • CTE Instructor Link Repository