Business and Industry Partners

  • Learn how you and your organization can get involved with the Houston ISD Career and Education Department. 

    Hire Students

    You can reach Houston ISD students directly by listing your employment opportunities with us or participating in our annual "Seniors to Success" Event. Click here to find out more.

    Host Student Internships

    The premiere form of work-based learning is student internships or a high school practicum course. Practicum courses are offered during a student’s senior year of high school and allow the student to earn school credit while leaving campus to work in a job relevant to his/her career pathway. These internships can be paid or unpaid and must allow the student to work a minimum of ten or fifteen hours a week.

    Provide students with Field Experiences Opportunities 

    The best way to build student interest in your industry is to provide hands-on learning of what it means to work for you. Invite a class to find out exactly what you do on a day-to-day basis. Your organization or business can host a tour of your facility so that our students can hear firsthand what it takes to work in your field.

    Guest Speakers and Other Opportunities to Engage with Students

    Can't host at your location? No problem. We invite you to come to a campus to provide talks, demonstrations, or activities related to your industry. Industry representatives are a wonderful complement to CTE classrooms. We invite you to enter the classroom and support learning by helping students make connections to real-world careers. 

  • Are you interested in becoming a Business Partner? 

    Houston Independent School District and the Career Readiness department are committed to preparing students to graduate from our Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs with workforce skills.  Key industry and community leaders have been asked to serve on the Houston ISD CTE District Advisory Council in order to achieve the goals of improving district career programming and meeting workforce and community employee needs.  Business Partner Advisory Council members have an opportunity to collaborate with the district and to provide guidance to Houston ISD educators.

    Email our Business Partnership liaison, Dr. Dana Carmouche ( , to inquire about serving on the Houston ISD CTE District Advisory Council to improve district career programming and meet specific local workforce needs.