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    Students can earn a performance acknowledgement on their high school diploma for earning a nationally or internationally recognized business or industry certification or licensure.

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    Industry Certification

    An industry certification is a credential that validates the ability to perform certain basic tasks essential to a particular industry. These certifications are usually created by a particular company such as ACA (Adobe Certified Associate).


    A license is a Texas government issued certificate which indicates completion of a training program with a minimum number of hours and successful acquisition of basic skills essential for specific trades or professions. (i.e. Cosmetology Operator License and Certified Pharmacy Technician)

    Occupational Competency Assessment

    A technical skills assessment created by groups such as the (NCCER) National Center for Construction Education & Research), which contends that the student has mastered job-ready technical knowledge. Examples include NCCER Core and OSHA 30.

    Note: Additional program-specific certifications are approved by Houston ISD. These certifications are administered early in the program and focus on topics such as basic safety and communication skills. In some cases, these certifications are prerequisites for advanced end of program certifications. (i.e. ServSafe Food Handler, NCCER Core Curriculum, CPR & First Aid,OSHA 10)


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