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    You can earn college credits while attending high school by taking Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses. Dual credit and Advanced Technical Credit courses enable you to have access to college level experiences and provides not only high school credit, but transferable college credit.

    Learn and earn college credit while in high school by taking two different types of courses:

    Dual Credit courses

    Dual Credit courses are the only courses that allow students to earn both high-school and college credit-hours simultaneously. They are developed and taught by college-approved instructors, and are graded in the same way as college students who take the same course. No prerequisite classes are required.

    For more information about Dual Credit courses, please visit: www.houstonisd.org/dualcredit

    Advanced Technical Credit courses

    Advanced Technical Credit courses are developed at the state level and taught by local high-school teachers who have received specialized training. Courses identified on the ATC Statewide-Articulated Crosswalk may only be accepted for college-course credit upon a student’s enrollment in a participating college’s technical degree plan, and students must pass prerequisite classes to enroll.

    For more information about the Advanced Technical Credit Program, please visit: www.atctexas.org


    Innovation and Postsecondary Programming

    The HISD Innovation & Postsecondary Programming Department, which is under the division of Strategy & Innovation, is committed to providing the highest-quality access and opportunity to all HISD students. Innovation & Postsecondary Programming works closely with campuses and district departments to: increase the number of students graduating college-ready, provide access to college credit coursework in high school, and adopt new student-focused district projects.

    For more information about Innovation and Postsecondary Programming, please visit: www.houstonisd.org/IPP


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