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Dual Credit

  • Houston ISD’s dual credit program provides high school students the unique opportunity to obtain college credit that can lead to the completion of a postsecondary degree or certificate. These courses are offered at no cost to students and parents once the appropriate HISD administrative approvals have been obtained, as the school district and its college partners ultimately absorb the tuition and textbook expenses.
    Dual credit classes have the flexibility of being taught by an HISD teacher (credentialed by a community college) or a community college faculty member, while also being completed at the high school campus or community college location. Families should contact the dual credit leader(s) for the respective high school to learn more about the existing and projected dual credit course offerings, which can change on a year-by-year basis.

Search for your dual credit contact

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  • Austin
  • Barbara Jordan
  • Bellaire
  • Challenge Early College
  • Chavez
  • Debakey HSHP
  • E STEM Academy
  • East Early College
  • Eastwood Academy
  • Energy Institute
  • Furr
  • HAIS
  • Heights
  • Jane Long Academy
  • Jones
  • Kashmere
  • Lamar
  • Law and Justice
  • Madison
  • Middle College HS at HCC Fraga
  • Middle College HS at HCC Gulfton
  • Milby
  • Mount Carmel
  • North Forest
  • North Houston Early College
  • Northside
  • Sam Houston
  • Scarborough
  • Sharpstown
  • Sharpstown International
  • South Early College
  • Sterling
  • Texas Connections Academy
  • Waltrip
  • Washington
  • Westbury
  • Westside
  • Wheatley
  • Wisdom
  • Worthing
  • Yates
  • Young Men's College Prep
  • Young Women's College Prep.

Search dual credit courses by school

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  • Austin High School
  • B. Jordan High School/Careers
  • Bellaire High School
  • Challenge Early College H. S.
  • Chavez High School
  • Eastwood Academy
  • Energize for Exce.Acad.-Downto
  • Furr High School
  • Houston Acad. for Int. Studies
  • Houston Heights High School
  • Jane Long Academy
  • Jones High School
  • Kashmere High School
  • Middle College HS at Fraga
  • Milby High School
  • Mount Carmel Academy
  • N. Houston Early College H.S.
  • North Forest High School
  • Northside High School
  • Sam Houston M. S. & T. Center
  • Scarborough High School
  • South Early College High School
  • Sterling High School
  • Texas Connections Academy
  • The East Early College HS
  • Waltrip High School
  • Washington High School
  • Westbury High School
  • Westside High School
  • Wheatley High School
  • Wisdom High School
  • Worthing High School
  • Yates High School
  • Young Women's College Prep

Search Dual Credit CTE program by school

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  • Austin High School
  • Barbara Jordan Career Center
  • Chavez High School
  • Heights High School
  • Jane Long Academy
  • Jones High School
  • Kashmere High School
  • Lamar High School
  • Madison High School
  • Middle College - Fraga
  • Milby High School
  • North Forest High School
  • Northside High School
  • Sterling High School
  • Waltrip High School
  • Westside High School
  • Wheatley High School
  • Worthing High School
  • Yates High School

Learn More About...

  • Where will my credits transfer?
    The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) has established Field of Study (FOS) transfer plans for various majors detailing the courses guaranteed by state law to apply to a 4-year degree program at any Texas public institution.  Please visit the link below for more information. 
    Early College High Schools
    Early College High Schools are innovative 9th-12th grade campuses that provide students an opportunity to earn a high school diploma and 60 college credit hours. The following link provides more details around these unique programs along with direct links to the home pages for various Early College High Schools within HISD: https://www.houstonisd.org/earlycollege.
    Approved CTE Programs of Study
    CTE Programs of study are course sequences that prepare students with the knowledge and skills necessary for success in their chosen career. The following link will help campuses determine their course sequence, while also assisting students and parents identify occupation and wage information.
    Do I qualify to teach Dual Credit?
    The best strategy for campus leaders to grow their dual credit program is to utilize existing HISD faculty. The qualifications needed to teach a dual credit course depends on the class. HISD instructors must have a completed graduate degree with 18 semester credit hours specific to the subject matter to teach an academic class. Teaching a workforce/CTE dual credit class depends largely on having three years of workforce (non-teaching) experience in that discipline. The complete requirements for both types of courses are noted below.

    Academic Courses
    Test Preparation Resources
    Students have access to the following FREE tests prep resources to maximize their chances of qualifying for academic dual credit courses. Please visit the links below for more information.   
    HCC Pre-Assessment Activity/Practice Test

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    Director, Postsecondary Programming (Dual Credit/Dual Enrollment)
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