Girls' Soccer Team Information
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I've been coaching soccer at Pershing since 2011.  I will post updates about the season throughout the year. If you have any questions, feel free to email me. 
7/8th Joaquin Ortiz -
713-295-5240 064392 

2021 Pershing Pandas Soccer

Girls and Boys Teams play on the same day.  Girls play first then boys.

Thursday 4/08/21          Rice* (4:30 kickoff girls)

Thursday 4/15/21      WestBriar (d)

Tuesday 4/20/21           @Tanglewood (d)**

Tuesday 4/27/21        @Rogers (d)**

Friday 4/30/21          Revere (d)

Friday 5/14/21          @pin oak (d)

Tuesday 5/18/21       Mandarin Imm (d)

Friday 5/21/21              @Lanier (d)

*Rice game is a friendly and not district

**Possible change of venue to Pershing 
Away games will be on the bus from school

Games will kickoff at 5pm and boys follow after

Your 2021 Pershing Girls Soccer Team! 

  1. Anderson, Kinsey
  2. Blackman, Audrey
  3. Boles, Taran
  4. Campbell, Skylar
  5. Ceniceros, Isabella
  6. Cepero, Fernanda
  7. Cruz-Ayala, Melody
  8. Hester, Maggie
  9. Lindsey, McKenna
  10. Lopez, Daniela
  11. Lopez, Lilliana
  12. Montesinos, Haylee
  13. Poblano, Abigail
  14. Reynolds, Delia
  15. Rossel-Linares, Christy
  16. Rutherford, Marion
  17. Scheet, Linnea
  18. Warner, Grace

Boys’ Soccer Team Information


Remember you need the insurance waiver form in case you do not want to pay $35 for HISD insurance. It must notarized. I am a Notary and charge $5 per document.  

Coach Joaquin Ortiz

7/8th Grade Girls Soccer 
Extension: 064 264
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