Physical Education and Athletics at Pershing

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    Physical Education @ Pershing

    Our classes focus on conditioning, flexibility, health and team sports.

    Necessary Supplies

    • PE classes need a gray Pershing t-shirt and black PE shorts.
    • All students need to wear socks and appropriate footwear.
    • Running or tennis shoes are required.
    • All students need a combination lock (preferably master). PE lockers are for class period use only.
    • Athletic lockers are for semester use.
    • Students are encouraged to bring a water bottle, deodorant, and body wipes. Body sprays are permitted however glass containers are prohibited in the gym and locker rooms.
    • Sunglasses, hats and sunscreen are allowed however sunglasses and hats may only be worn outdoors.

    Grading Policy

    Students start each class period with a 100. Students who do not dress out properly for class drop to a 75 for the day. Non dress and non participation without a doctors note will result in a grade of 50 for the day. After 3 unexcused non dresses in a 6 weeks, parent contact will be made, the student will receive a morning detention and subsequent non dresses will result in a 50 for the day. Parents please encourage your child to come prepared for class.

    Athletics and Sports

    The athletic program at Pershing Middle School dynamically supports the academic mission of the school. Pershing MS sets high expectations for its coaches and student-athletes. Interscholastic athletics is historically a significant part of the total education program. They offer opportunities for students to be part of a team, to serve the school, to enjoy fellowship, and to develop intellectually, physically and emotionally. Our desire at Pershing is that through their participation in sports, student athletes will have fun and build lifelong relationships. The ultimate product of this investment will be healthy adults who contribute to their communities in a positive way.

    Pershing Sports List | Sports Tentative Start Period

    To tryout or participate in sports at Pershing, a student must have a valid physical on file before they can try out for the team. The physicals are good for one calendar year so will last for every sport this year.

    If you have any questions, please contact Coach Burgan, Athletic Director - or (713) 295-5240

    Athletic Packet & Required Documents

    Parents are to complete all pages of this packet with the exception of the physical evaluation form, which must be completed by a healthcare physician. incomplete packets will not be accepted. *Do not leave completed packets at the front desk. packets should be submitted to their respective coaches.*

     This packet contains the forms required for your student to participate in any sport at Pershing Middle School. Your student will not be permitted to attend any try-out, practice or sporting competition until this packet is completed and returned to the athletic department. Please make sure to provide current contact information on each page. Parents and students are required to read and sign these documents.

    Click here to Get Athletic Packet & Required Documents

    Pershing Sports List


    Coach Parker


    Coach Kimble

    Boys’ Lacrosse

    Coach McQuerry

    Girls Lacrosse

    Coach Nina Ignatiev



    Coach Goudeau


    Coach Hinman

    Coach Burgan 


    Cross Country

    Coach Ortiz


    Coach Snook

    Girls Basketball

    Coach Taft

    Boys’ Basketball

    Coach Donato

    Boys’ Track

    Coach Taft

    Girls Track

    Coach Goudeau

    Boys’ Soccer

    Coach Hinman

    Girls Soccer

    Coach Ortiz

    Sports Start Tentative Start Period

    • Volleyball – First Week of School
    • Football – First Week of School
    • Cross Country – First Week of School
    • Swim – Mid-October
    • Basketball – Mid-October
    • Lacrosse – Year Round
    • Spring Sports: Start Tentative Start Period
    • Basketball – Fall start
    • Swim – Fall start
    • Soccer – Tryouts in December
    • Track – Early-February
    • Baseball – Tryouts December/January
    • Softball – Tryouts in December