Please email the following documents as applicable:

    ALL 9th Grade students

    Parents are to complete the Health Inventory and upload the immunization record 

    Students with Asthma
    The Asthma Action Plan is to be completed by your child's doctor.  Your child must carry his/her own inhaler on them at all times.
    Students with Allergies and prescribed Epi-pen
    The Epi-Pen Form is to be completed by your child's doctor.
    Students with Food Allergies
    The "Physician's Request for Special Dietary Accomodation" is to be filled out by your child's doctor. (Medical diagnosis must be mentioned)
    Students who require any medication prescribed or over the counter medication during school hours
    Your child's doctor will need to complete the "Request for Administration of Medication at School Form" and prescribe the medication including pain or any other medication.  The medication is to be brought to the clinic in the original container as dispensed by the pharmacist.
    Please note that no student is permitted to self-carry any medication including any pain relievers except for prescribed inhalet and an EPI-PEN.

    School Nurse Ali Email: pali1@houstonisd.org