Westside 2018-2019 Staff Directory

Name Ext Room Department Email
Adams, Alonzo 036155 Float English aadams16@houstonisd.org
Aggison, Jimmie 036298 N205 Reconnecting Youth jaggison@houstonisd.org
Ahuja, Deepa 036239 E232 Math deepa.ahuja@houstonisd.org
Alexander, Caroline 036283 N122 English ccrosker@houstonisd.org
Alexander, Robert 036350 S227 Foreign Language ralexan6@houstonisd.org
Aliaga, Jennefer 036304 N224 Foreign Language/Director jaliaga@houstonisd.org
Altamarino, Amberly 036380 X122 Dance Amberly.Altamirano@houstonisd.org
Alvarez, Kristen 036209 E120 Math kristen.alvarez@houstonisd.org
Amaya, Cynthia 036356 S124 Teacher, ESL cynthia.amaya@houstonisd.org
Ananuba, Casimir 036337 S151 Special Education cananuba@houstonisd.org
Anderson, Traci 036229 E220 Math tanders6@houstonisd.org
Andrade, Jimmie 036211 E122 Social Studies jandrad2@houstonisd.org
Andrade, Peter 036216 E129 Math PANDRADE@houstonisd.org
Anthony, Sarah 036149 S210 Dean of Students santhony@houstonisd.org
Arias, Nilsa 036391 E241 ESL Clerk narias@houstonisd.org
Atherton, Lena 036104 A109 Dean of Instruction lena.atherton@houstonisd.org
Azadeh, Fakhrazam 036335 S145 Special Education fazadeh@houstonisd.org
Barras, Andrea 036390 A217 Reprographics abarras@houstonisd.org
Barrow, Heather 036242 E236 Social Studies hbarrow@houstonisd.org
Barrow, Michael 036155 Float Math/Baseball mbarrow@houstonisd.org
Barry, Bryce 036129 E207 Dean of Students, E2 Bryce.Barry@houstonisd.org
Baxter, Jarrod 036119 Float Special Education jbaxter1@houstonisd.org
Becker, Kaitlyn 036243 E237 CTE kaitlyn.becker@houstonisd.org
Bei, Onnyx 036238 E231 ESL onnyx.bei@houstonisd.org
Bell, Curtis 036155 Float CTE, T & I Culinary Arts cbell9@houstonisd.org