• National Honor Society:

    Sponsors:  Jeff Schroeder email:  jschroe1@houstonisd.org     Cathy Doxtater  email:  Catherine.Doxtater@houstonisd.org

    Current officers for 2023: 
    Presidents:  Julian Hidalgo, Dakshin Bharath
    Vice President: Fatima Bathily
    Parlimentarian: Ivana Gonzalez
    Junior Hours:  Mary Stephens
    Senior Hours: Gwen Gabilan
    The purpose of this chapter shall be to create an enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote worthy leadership, and to encourage the development of character in all students of Westside High School. 

    Time Line:

    • Around February/March letters are sent out to students that are Sophomores or Juniors that have a 3.8 GPA, and are asked to apply for NHS. (Students are in NHS only for Junior and Senior year only, so no Freshman or Sophomores are in NHS)
    • Applications are due by end of March or begining of April.
    • Teachers are contacted for student references, and a committee meets to determine student selection to NHS.
    • Letters are sent to students saying they have been accepted/denied to be a member of NHS, during April
    • Inductions cermony is held at Westside High School around May
    Transfer of Membership:
    If a student has been accepted to NHS at a previous school, they need to bring a copy of their NHS certificate the email address for their former NHS sponsor.  We will check the status of that member with their previous charter.
    Volunteering Hours information:
    Each year an NHS member must volunteer for 30 hours per year. 15 hours each semester with at least 3 of those hours done with peer tutoring.  Any one event can not be more than 10 hours.  You must have at least 20 hours sponsored, which is listed on the x2vol site.  You may have up to 10 un-sponsored, which are not list on this site and are your own volunteering oportunities.  Please keep a record of things you volunteer for on your own during the summer.  That record should contain the following: Person to contact email and phone number, address where you volunteered, times and dates.  It is your responsibility to keep track of that information. 
    Sponsored events:  Events that are posted ahead of time on the NHS X2VOL website or that are approved by Mr. Schroeder/Mrs. Doxtater ahead of time.
    Un-Sponsored events:  Events that you do outside of school for example volunteering at your church, eagle scout projects, hospital volunteering.  For these events you must have an adult(not family member) with an email to confirm you did the hours, phone number, address where you volunteered, and times and dates, it must be submitted through x2vol as an personal projects. 
    Please make sure you have registered in www.x2vol.com and after you register add a group and select NHS.
    Selection Process for NHS
    1) Student that are 2nd semester Sophomores or 2nd semester Juniors and have been at the school for at least a semester are eligible. 
    2) Students must have a GPA of 3.800
    3) Students with a GPA will be asked to apply:
          No conduct below S
          No level 3 discipline
          No cheating infractions
    4)  Teacher recommendations are collected by the Faculty Advisor
    5)  Faculty Council determines which applicants get in based on teacher recommendations
    6)  Students are delivered acceptance or denial letters.
    7)  Student must submit acceptance letter with confirmation of attendance to induction ceremony by due date
          Students with activities on the same day as induction ceremony may request alternate date.
    8) Student must attend induction or alternate induction in order to finalize their status into Westside National Honor Society. 
    Once a member
    Must attend meetings each month, may not miss more than 2 meetings a year.
    Pay dues on time.
    Maintain a 3.8 GPA.
    Complete volunteers hours each semester on time.
    Register in X2VOL
    Failure to do any of the above can lead to probation or dismissal from NHS.