• Global citizenship will require exposure to and appreciation of languages.  At Roberts, we are a community of language learners, where instruction is provided primarily in English, with Spanish designated as "Language B".  Many students at Roberts speak languages other than English.  Our language learning program provides support for English language acquisition and mother tongue support. 

    Our language learning program is a communication-based program, with a focus on the development of listening, speaking, reading and writing.  We are proud to have Mr. Santander from Language Kids World as our Spanish teacher.

    The general objectives of the Spanish Program at Roberts Elementary are to:

    • provide an activity-rich, non-threatening environment for children to channel their natural curiosity as they begin to learn Spanish
    • train children's ears to recognize the sounds of Spanish
    • have the students comprehend the spoken language in the form of directions, commands, questions, and structured conversations
    • participate in brief conversations over familiar topics using simple sentences