West University Elementary School TRAFFIC AND PARKING PLAN

  •  Cell Phone Ordinance

    Texas State Law states that drivers may not use a cell phone or electronic communication device in a school zone during active school zone times.


    Other City of West University Ordinances

    1. There is no right turn on Auden from University during school zone times.
    2. Carpool drivers may not block the cars parked in front of the merchants in the 3600 block of University (across the street from Southside Place City Hall). There is a sign with this writing, “NO STOPPING, STANDING HERE TO CORNER” indicating where the carpool line may continue (at the bridge).
    3. Additionally, The City of West University Place bans texting while driving at all times whether you are in a school zone or not.


    School Zone Speed Limit

    The speed limit on the streets surrounding the school is 20 mph during the posted hours.

    The City of West University Place Police Department and occasionally the HISD Police Department regularly patrol and monitor these streets. They will issue a citation to you if you violate the speed limit, use a cell phone in an active school zone, text while driving, make an illegal turn, or violate any other traffic laws.


    Drop-off and Pick-up

    Drop-off and pick-up zones have been established for each class based on the location in the building. Your teacher will tell you which location is appropriate for your child.


    1. Front of primary building (east end of campus) on University Blvd. near Edloe (marked with a yellow sign).

    2. Front of main entrance (west end of campus) on University Blvd. near marquee (marked with a yellow sign).

    3. Drop-off and pick-up on Goode Street is limited to Special Education and mobility impaired students ONLY. This area is off limits to all parking during the school day. Cars in this area will be asked to move. Repeat violators will be towed.

    During times of good weather, parents of upper grade students may pick up and drop off their child on Auden or Edloe Streets. This will help relieve the congestion on University. Please make prior arrangements with your child regarding regular pick-up and bad weather pick-up locations.


    Please follow these procedures for the drop-off and pickup zones:

    1.  Parents should approach these zones with the passenger side of the car next to the sidewalk (driving west on University Blvd., south on Edloe, and north on Auden).
    2. Parents who pick up their child on University must remain in line until they move to the designated pick-up zone. PARENTS WHO “SKIP LINE” WILL BE ASKED TO DRIVE AROUND THE BLOCK. PLEASE BE POLITE AND RESPECTFUL OF OTHER DRIVERS.

    3. Under NO circumstances should children be allowed to walk between parked cars to reach their parent’s car.

    4. After entering the drop-off/pick-up zone, parents should drive forward as far as possible before dropping off or picking up their child. Please follow the direction of the Student Safety Patrols and/or faculty members on duty.

    5. Students must wait until a car has come to a complete stop before opening a car door to enter or leave the vehicle.

    6. Please follow the directions of the Safety Patrol students and adults on duty who will assist in the drop-off/pick-up process.

    7. Drivers must stay in their cars while in the carpool line. (see item # 8)

    8. Do not park in the area leading up to our faculty parking lot driveway. This is a marked bus area. Violators will be asked to move.

    9. The City of West University Police Department will issue citations to drivers who violate the school speed zone, block traffic, park illegally, make illegal u-turns, park in the bus zone, or who leave their car while it is in the carpool line.

    Do not drive into the parking lot on the west side of the building, nor use the drive entrance

    for a ‘turn-around’ or a drop-off/pick-up location for your child. This lot is reserved parking for faculty/staff only.




     Other Safety Issues

    1. Please observe the 20 mph school zone speed limit.
    1. Cars on both sides of the street must make a complete stop and may not pass a school bus loading or unloading students (upper red lights will be flashing).

    2. U-turns are NOT permitted on any streets surrounding the school, including University Blvd.

    3. Jaywalking is extremely dangerous. Crossing guards are stationed at each corner to assist your child and you in crossing the street safely. Students must not cross mid-block by themselves. Please use the crossing guards on the corners.

    4. Please do not block the driveways of our neighbors. Their driveways are not to be used for parent parking or for drop-off or pick-up.


    Parking is extremely limited at our school. Please follow these guidelines:

    1. The parking spaces in front of the school, in the west parking lot, and in one-third of the west parking spaces in front of the ball fields on University are reserved for faculty and staff (these areas are marked with signs). PLEASE DO NOT PARK IN THESE AREAS. Teachers cannot get to work on time if they must circle the block looking for a parking place.

    2. Parents and visitors may park in the spaces on University at the end of the Little League fields. Signs are posted on the fence to identify this area.

    3. West University Methodist Church has graciously offered its parking lot and west side driveway to our parents who wish to park and walk to school during peak traffic times (7:15-8:00 a.m., and 2:30-3:15 p.m.).

    4. With an enrollment of 1,200+ students, it is impossible for all parents to drive to school and park. Consider walking to and from school with your child as often as possible.

    5. Parking along Edloe is limited to two hours. The City of West University Police will write a parking citation to cars exceeding the two hour limit.

    6. Please do not park in nor block the driveways of those homes that are near our school. We must be good neighbors.

    7. Parking is off limits on Goode Street.




    Students and parents are encouraged to ride bicycles to school when weather permits. We have bike racks in the inner courtyard and behind the Multi-Purpose Room on the hardtop. There are bike racks between Wallin and Bullard fields on University Blvd., however we discourage our students from using these during school days. The racks are isolated and a bike could easily be stolen from that location.


    Please follow these guidelines:

    1. Children are required to wear bicycle helmets per city ordinance. Parents should set a good

      example and do the same thing. Helmets should have a sticker indicating that the helmet meets standards set by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). Wear a bike helmet EVERY TIME YOU RIDE, even if you are going for a short ride.

      Bike helmets should fit properly. Hats or caps should not be worn under bike helmets. If you're unsure if your helmet fits well, ask someone at a bike store.

      Helmets should be worn level and covering the forehead. A good test is to walk up to a wall while wearing a helmet. The forehead should not touch the wall if the helmet is being worn properly. Helmet straps should always be fastened and adjusted so they're snug enough that you can't pull or twist the helmet around on your head.

    2. A bicycle is a vehicle. Bicyclists must obey traffic laws and rules, such as riding on the right side of the road, obeying traffic signs, etc. A child needs to be prepared for riding in the street by teaching him/her riding skills and the rules of the road.

    3. Students AND parents must walk their bikes once they are on school property. With our large number of student and parent pedestrians coming to school each morning and leaving each afternoon, it is too dangerous for bikes or scooters to be ridden on campus. This also extends to the sidewalks around our school. Please walk the bike or scooter to the street corner.

    4. Bicycles should be walked through intersections during the busy traffic hours in the morning and afternoon. Regardless of the time, bicyclists must stop at stop signs and obey other traffic ordinances.

    5. Bicycles on the back bike rakes (near the hardtop) should be locked to the rack. We have had bikes stolen in the past. Bikes in the inner courtyard should be OK unlocked, however it would probably be a good practice to lock these, too. Please report any stolen bicycle to the front office immediately.

    Final Thoughts

    Please study these plans carefully. Plan an after-school pick-up procedure with your child. Discuss this with your child and be consistent in its use. Please remember that we dismiss nearly 1,300 children at the same time. Please be patient, considerate, and careful. Your child’s safety and the safety of all of our children is at stake. Your cooperation is appreciated.

    APPROVED: Scott Disch, Principal