School Pictures

  • Dear Parents, 


    Photo Texas Photography Houston will return to campus on Tuesday, January 30 for Class Group Photos and Fall Photo Retakes.  We will photograph all classes, as well as any students who missed the original Picture Day, are new to school, or need to retake their photo.  All orders are Prepay with satisfaction Guaranteed. We do not email proofs.


    Order Class Group Photo NOW!

    During the Prepay period, you can choose Ship to School for FREE or Ship to Home. Shipping charges will apply. All orders ship directly to the address provided. Shipping charges will apply.  The Prepay Link for Class Group Photos remains active for 1 WEEK after Picture Day.



    If your student missed Picture Day or needs a retake, please fill out this form and return it to your student’s teacher.
    (Please return any unwanted photos to the photographer)

    The Prepay Link for Fall Pictures remains active for 3 Days after Picture Day.

    Any order received after the Prepay period is considered a late order and is shipped to the address provided. Shipping charges will apply. Please contact Customer Service @ (800) 883-6463 for assistance placing late orders.  We know that every student in front of our camera is the most important child in the world to someone.


    It is our sincerest pleasure to photograph yours! Thank you for the opportunity!



    PTP Houston