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  • Promotion Standards

    • Houston Independent School District (HISD) general standards for promotion

      NOTE: If your child does not meet the promotion standards outlined below, your school will contact you regarding opportunities for the child to receive additional instruction.

      Grade Level

      Promotion Standards

      1 - 5 

      Students must:

      • meet state requirement of overall yearly average of 70 or above and the local requirement of an average of 70 or above in four core courses: reading, other language arts, mathematics, and science or social studies.
      • have sufficient attendance*  

      6 - 8

      Students must:

      • meet the State requirement of overall yearly average of 70 or above and the local requirement of an average of 70 or above in three of the four core courses: Language arts (average of reading and English), mathematics, science, social studies.
      • have sufficient attendance*

      9 - 12

      Students must:

      • Normally, passing an EOC test is a graduation requirement. However, this school year only, students currently enrolled in EOC-tested courses (English I, English II, Algebra I, Biology, and U.S. History) will not have to complete their corresponding EOC exams provided they earn course credit during the 2019-2020 school year.
      • If a student is a senior and has not passed all EOCs for graduation, the campus counselor or administrator will be contacting you regarding the Individual Graduation Committee (IGC) process for student graduation.
      • High school grade placement is based on the number of credits earned: sophomore classification requires 6 credits, junior classification requires 12 credits, and senior classification requires 18 credits.**
      NOTE: Individual course credit is earned through a passing grade of 70 percent or above and sufficient attendance. *

      * Sufficient attendance: A student’s total number of unexcused absences cannot exceed 10% of class meetings.

      ** This rule does not apply to courses taken during the Spring 2020 semester.

      For English Learners, promotion standards are determined by the Grade Placement Committee (GPC) in consultation with the Language Proficiency Assessment Committee (LPAC).

      For students with disabilities, the campus ARD*/IEP** committee determines the promotion status based on mastery of IEP goals and objectives and /or course requirements.

      *ARD- Annual Review and Dismissal **IEP – Individualized Education Program


      Summer School Grade Placement Committee (GPC)


    • Grade Placement Committee (GPC) is responsible for ensuring:

      • Students in the Summer School program have a Cumulative Learning Profile (CLP) completed by their spring teacher of record.
      • Summer School teacher provides instruction to student based on TEKS objectives identified in their CLP.
      • Student progress towards mastery of learning objectives is recorded on Cumulative Learning Profile (CLP).
      • Use of information on the completed CLP to determine the student’s end of summer promotion status.
      • Student end of summer school promotion status is entered in Chancery.
      • CLPs are filed for use by the teacher of record for the 2019-2020 school year.

      Note: All schools must provide documentation of student participation in Summer School using the CLP.


    • Attendance is based on the 90 percent attendance rule and any extenuating circumstances that the Grade Placement Committee (GPC) approves. A student’s total number of unexcused absences cannot exceed 10% of class meetings. Schools should not dismiss students from their Summer School Program because of attendance without a GPC decision.

      • June 8- July 2 (Monday – Thursday) = 16 school days
      • 16 x.90 = 14 days (rounding to nearest full day)

       Note: All students attending summer school MUST be enrolled before attendance is taken on Wednesday, June 10, 2020.


    • Summer School Teacher (beginning of the summer session)

      • Plans for the specific instructional needs of each student in his/her class using information provided on the Cumulative Learning Profile (CLP).


    • Summer School Teacher (11th day of the summer session)

      • Completes a progress report for each student whose performance is below expectations (and makes a copy of the report).
      • A Progress Report generated by Grade-Speed must be sent to parents during the week of June 18-June 21, 2020. A copy of the progress report must be maintained along with student’s Cumulative Learning Profile (CLP).
      • Distributes the progress report as follows:
        • Original – placed in the student’s Summer School folder
        • The copy – provided to the student’s parents