• September 19 - September 23
    I know a word; six letters it contains. And yet if you take one away, twelve is what remains. What is the word? 
    September 12 - September 16
    A farmer is trying to cross a river. He is taking with him a rabbit, carrots and a fox, and he has a small raft. He can only bring 1 item a time across the river because his raft can only fit either the rabbit, the carrots or the fox. If the fox is left alone with the rabbit, it will eat the rabbit. If the rabbit is left alone with the carrot, it will eat the carrot. How does he cross the river? (You can assume the fox won't eat the rabbit and the rabbit won't eat the carrot if the farmer is with them.)
    September 5 - September 9 
    Two fathers and two sons are going fishing. They each caught one fish. They got three fish in total. How is this possible? 
    August 29 - September 2 
    How can you add eight 8s to get 1,000? (Use only addition) 
    August 22 - August 26
    Here lies Diophantus,
    God gave him his boyhood one-sixth of his life, One twelfth more as youth while whiskers grew rife; And then yet one-seventh ere marriage begun; In five years there came a bouncing new son. Alas, the dear child of master and sage After attaining half the measure of his father's life chill fate took him. After consoling his fate by the science of numbers for four years, he ended his life.
    How old were Diophantus and his son?