Utilize the Plan Your Path resources to set your course through high school and beyond.
    It is never too soon to start planning for your future. A place to begin is to talk to your
    parents and teachers, and other people in occupations you are interested in. You and
    your parents may also want to explore HISD magnet schools that offer an early start on
    your chosen career path. Whatever you do, begin now.

    Did You Know?

    • Selecting a career path automatically provides you with career goal-setting, regardless of
    your interests, abilities, talents, or desired levels of post-secondary education.

    • By selecting a career path, you will be more focused as you make decisions about high
    school course selections.

    • Selecting a career path will allow you to see the relevance of the courses you select in
    middle and high school to your future career choices.

    • By selecting a career path, your parents, teachers, and counselor will be able to provide
    you with more up-to-date information about your career goals and your post-secondary
    options beyond high school.

    • Selecting a career path means you are more likely to do better in school as well as to
    graduate with the Distinguished Level of Achievement, with one or more Endorsements,
    and with Performance Acknowledgements.

    Plan Your Path

    Use the information found on the HISD Plan Your Path website to learn about graduation
    requirements, explore district endorsement offerings and schools, and to start planning
    your middle and high school coursework to align with your aptitude and interests.



    Plan your path

    HISD’s Career and Technical Education Programs of Study


    Personal Graduation Plan

    The district’s Personal Graduation Plan, for all entering 9th grade students, displays a sixyear
    look at the core course requirements needed to graduate with the Distinguished
    Level of Achievement. While in high school you will have the opportunity to earn at least
    26 credits and an endorsement in one of five focus areas:

    Arts and Humanities

    Business and Industry

    Public Services



    You may also earn Performance Acknowledgements for IB and AP exams, dual credit
    coursework; earning end-of-program, industry recognized certifications; PSAT/SAT/ACT
    or ACT-Plan exams; or bilingualism and bi-literacy achievement.

    See the Houston ISD 2015-2016 Personal Graduation Plan (PGP)