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    The Comic Plus Library Edition is a great website to access comicbooks and graphic novels to read from home. Comics Plus: Library Edition brings unlimited access to thousands of digital graphic novels and comics to library patrons on any Web-connected device.

    • View titles through your Web browser on any computer, tablet or smartphone with an Internet connection.
    • Check out and read titles through iOS and Android Mobile Apps.
    • Browse by genre, publisher, and comic — then instantly check out your favorites.
    • Access comics whenever you want them — no holds or waiting.
    • Comics Plus Includes 93 publishers with over 16,000 Comics


    7 STEPS

    1 The first step is to open Comics Plus Login and click Log In

    Step 1 image

    2 Click Search for library...

    Step 2 image

    3 Type Houston Public Library 

    Step 3 image

    4 Hover over Houston Public Library and click on it.

    Step 4 image

    5 With your mouse, select text in Username or Library ID and type First letter of last name and student ID number. Example if student’s last name is Garcia: G123456 

    Step 5 image

    6 Type PIN.
    Your pin consists of Four (4) digits.
    Pin comprised of Student’s Birth Month and Birth Day. Example if student’s birthday is July 31st: 0731

    Step 6 image

    7 Click Log In

    Step 7 image

    Here's an interactive tutorial for the visual learners



    Digital Public Library of AmericaThe DPLA is an online collection of over 36 million free digital materials from libraries, archives and museums. It includes texts such as eBooks, but also images, visuals, and sounds. Subjects include literature, science, history, and arts. For those looking for Primary Sources, this is another place to search for those. 



    The Getty Publication Virtual Library has hundreds of art books available for you to read online or download for free. Subjects include painting, architecture, sculptures, mosaics, photography, and antiquities. You will be able find a book on ancient Roman gardens to Mexican textiles from Oaxaca.  




    The Library of Congress is like the Momma of all Libraries in the United States. The Library of Congress takes care of preserving moments from our country, whether they are sounds/songs, photographs, letters (from war, about love, about human rights), maps, newspapers, videos, and more. This is a very good place to start to look for primary sources for your research assignments. 



    The New York Public Library Digital Collections includes over 800,000 visuals such as photographs, art, maps, old newspapers, songs, and more. The best part is the collection grows as pieces are added on a daily basis.