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    Follow the directions below, you may click destiny.houstonisd.org after reading.



    13 STEPS

    1 The first step is to open destiny.houstonisd.org and click Log In

    Step 1 image

    2 Click User Name.
    Type Houston I.S.D. laptop sign-on.

    Step 2 image

    3 Type password

    Step 3 image

    4 Click submit on the Log In button.

    Step 4 image

    5 When the window opens, click the arrow to scroll through and browse for a book.

    Step 5 image

    6 Click book cover to find out if you are interested in the book.

    Step 6 image

    7 With your mouse, click Open button to open and potentially check out to read.

    Step 7 image

    8 Scroll and click Open , opens in a new window

    Step 8 image

    9 Scroll through the Title Details and click Fantasy Fiction or any other subjects or genres to find books with similar topics. It will open up to another windown with a list of titles similar to the chosen topic.

    Step 9 image

    10 Click the i for more info about the book. You will be able to check out the book as well.

    Step 10 image

    11 Scroll and click Checkout. You will have 14 days with the book. Book will return automatically after 14 days.

    Step 11 image

    12 Click Return if you mistakenly checked the book out or if you finished reading it before 14 days.  

    Step 12 image

    13 That's it. You're done.

    Step 13 image

    Here's an interactive tutorial for the visual learners