• VoteTexas.gov


     Follow directions below for a visual instruction.


    8 STEPS

    1 The first step is to open VoteTexas.gov » and click Register to vote

    Step 1 image

    2 Click Where to Get an Application

    Step 2 image

    3 Scroll down to Other Voter Registration Application Methods

    Step 3 image

    4 Click on postage-paid application from your voter registrar, by filling out this form

    Step 4 image

    5 Dropdown the menu and pick how many forms you would like to be mailed to your home. Remember, you need one per person who needs to register to vote.

    Step 5 image

    6 Type your personal information in the text boxes.

    Step 6 image

    7 Click Submit

    Step 7 image

    8 That's it. You're done.

    Step 8 image

    Here's an interactive tutorial for the visual learners