Understanding a Transcript

How to Read a High School Transcript

  • Understanding a transcript is an important skill for students to possess. This will give a student a better understanding of his or her graduation plan, courses, GPA, credits, and graduation requirements. Official transcripts are requested when applying to universities and scholarships, other than that you will be provided with an unofficial copy.


    At the top of a transcript, you will find the Student Information and School information, and, in these sections, you will extract your contact information and the information associated with your campus.


    At the center of the transcript, you will find Course Information, and, in this section, you will discover subject categories, years, course names, semester 1 and 2, and credits earned.


    Also, you will see Credits Earned, Test Information, and Foundation Endorsements.  Credits are divided by state earned credits (which count towards graduation) and local earned credits (which do not count towards graduation).


    Remember that even if you see the number of credits you need for graduation (26 for students on the 34D graduation plan), it does not mean you have all the courses you need for graduation. Students often have extra elective courses, but still need to complete other graduation requirements like passing the required STAAR EOC exams.  

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.