If you can stay calm in difficult situations, have an interest in protecting people, and can think on
    your feet or are intrigued with American politics, international relations or political theory;
    you may have a future in the Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security industry

    This program of study focuses on careers in planning, managing, and providing legal, public safety, protective services and homeland security. HISD programs include: Court Systems, Firefighter/EMT, Law Enforcement , Corrections, National Security, Government and Public Administration.


    High Schools Offering Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security pathways

    Chavez High School

    Houston Academy International Studeies (HAIS)

    High School for Law and Justice

    Jordan Career Center

    North Forest High School

    Sharpstown International

    Sterling High School

    Westbury High School

    Westside High School

    Wheatley High School

    Wisdom High School


    Fastest Growing Career Opportunities

    Emergency Medical Technician

    Police Officer


    Foreign Service Officer

    Political Science Teacher


    Certifications and Licensures

    Texas Commission on Fire Protection (TCFP) Certification

    State Emergency Medical (EMT) Certification


    High Paying Careers

    Lawyer $120,000

    Forensic Science Technician $45,000

    Fire Fighter $46,00

    US Congress Member $170,000

    Political Scientist $80,000

    Urban Planner $60,000


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