Do you have patience?

    Do you want to help people?


    Do you enjoy teaching others?

    Educators are charged with improving the future for people of all ages. The Education and Training pathway focuses on providing education and training services for people who want to change our society for the better and make a difference in the lives of others.


    High Schools Offering Education and Training Services Programs of Study

    Austin High School

    Jordan Career Center

    Scarborough High School

    Wheatley High School

    Wisdom High School

    Worthing High School



    Fastest-Growing Career Opportunities


    Coach and Recreation Instructor

    Social Worker


    Certifications and Licensures

    Early Childhood Education Assessment and Certification

    Pre-Professional Certification in Education Fundamentals


    High-Paying Careers

    Principal $100,000

    School Counselor $60,000

    Teacher $50,000

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