• BootUp

  • To celebrate the upcoming Computer Science Education Week taking place December 7-13, Houston ISD is proud to announce this virtual learning experience for students to learn the basics of computer science while using block-based coding for Scratch and Scratch Jr.. Along the way, K-5 students will complete challenges that build a computational thinking foundation.

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  • Scratch Jr

    Scratch Jr. Challenges K-2

  • scratch

    Scratch Challenges 3-5

  • Monday 12/7

    Show off your dance moves by creating a dance party. Include at least 2 characters (sprites) and a setting (background) - need some inspiration check out https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/10128067/

    Tuesday 12/8

    Create a Greeting Card- check out this starter project if you need a hint https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/11806234/

    Wednesday 12/9

    Create a chase game (need help: see tutorial in Scratch for Make a Chase Game)

    Thursday 12/10

    Create a cartoon

    Friday 12/11

    Create an adventure (for example)
    Bonus: Oreo the Octopus lives in the Gulf of Mexico and loves to swim. When he swims, he leaves a purple trail behind him. Create a project that shows Oreo swimming across the screen and the trail he leaves behind. Have Oreo start at -14, -3 and when hitting the edge of the screen, he will swim to the random position (X,y) generated. See example picture below.
    Bonus: Create a project about a crab’s adventure. He walks towards his ship, boards it and sails away. Create a project where a crab sprite walks to the left direction towards a ship sprite. The crab should alternate costumes to show its claws opening and closing and walk 10 steps every 0.4 seconds. Once the crab reaches the ship and is on board, both the ship and the crab should move to the right at 10 steps per 0.1 second until both exit the screen. The setting (background) should be an underwater backdrop.

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