• See below for the Video Recording of our Summer Parent Session, Tips and Advice for DeBakey Students, and a Suggested Study Plan. (skip to 2:38)

Key Tips for Success

  • At DeBakey, students will learn many things. One of those things is working efficiently. Time is of the essence!


    • Obtain an agenda/planner and USE IT!

    Every goal starts with a plan. If you list your tasks, you are more likely to work systematically and less likely to forget your homework. High school students carry busy lives outside of school so a planner is super useful to maintain that school-life balance. There are many types of agendas (digital, paper/pen, etc.) so find the one that fits you!

    • Work in daylight

    By the time the school day ends, it is common to feel exhausted and even more common to procrastinate. A tip that some students have found useful is to start early. When you arrive home, be prepared to complete your homework to prevent staying up late. Sleep is very important and has many benefits (one is performing well in school) so you want to grab as much as you can. Some ways to start early are to remove distractions, find a quiet place to work, and keep a calm and positive mindset.

    • Start with the most challenging work

    Once you have listed your homework, take one to two minutes to circle/highlight the most difficult work. Prioritize those and leave simple tasks for the end. By doing so, you will relieve a lot of stress and feel confident about finishing easier assignments on time.

    • Don’t stress

    It may be common to open your agenda/planner, look at the long list of tasks to complete, worry about not completing in time, and procrastinate as it is easier than stressing out. Try to remain positive. Working efficiently is all about mindset. Work on the question/problem/essay in front of you instead of counting the number of pages/problems/tasks you have left to complete. Stay present and in the moment. YOU CAN DO IT! :)

    • Use homework as study material

    Try to take advantage of homework. Complete the homework that requires the most critical thinking on the SAME DAY that it was taught so that you do not forget the material from class. Use the homework material to learn actively. Dont just rely on the homework but also try to find more challenging practice problems to do on your own to prepare for assessments. Putting in effort into a set of notes assigned by your teacher will help you study for an upcoming quiz/test.

    • Final tip: Self-Appreciation and Positive Attitude

    If you were unable to finish everything on your to do list, stay calm. Take deep breaths and be proud of what you were able to accomplish. Celebrate your successes and continue to strive for progress. Be patient with yourself and keep working hard. If you stay on track and follow these strategies along with strategies your teachers give you, you WILL see improvement!

    Suggested Study Plan:

    After School

    Every DAY

    -Work on homework [ON THE DAY IT IS ASSIGNED AND TAUGHT]

    for classes that are high critical thinking (Math, Science, etc.)



    -Review your week’s worth of learning/notes

    -Study for tests and quizzes in the upcoming week




    -Complete tasks from most difficult to least using agenda/planner to organize assignments




    -Complete any weekend assignments/homework

    -Work on notes ahead of time (e.g. Bio notes)

    -Begin brainstorming and writing english essays 




    *Wishing everyone luck for the upcoming school year! You will do great!*